Dvoyatsya in the eyes – the causes and treatment


Dvoyatsya in the eyes – the causes and treatment

To get rid of doubling in the eyes, you need to eliminate the provoking factor. Sometimes the causes of visual impairment can be very serious and require the provision of emergency medical care.

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The operation is most often prescribed for patients who have changed the work of several muscles responsible for eye movement. In the process of surgical intervention, the length of the muscles is adjusted, if necessary, then the tendons are sewn. Such manipulations make it possible to keep the eye in the correct position.

If there is an opportunity to get rid of the problem with conservative methods, then it is used first. For the period of treatment, a person can be offered to wear corrective glasses that have been developed according to individual parameters. Prismatic lenses allow the eye to focus normally. As a result, a person sees an ordinary image, not a bifurcated image. However, the patient should be warned that wearing such lenses can cause visual impairment.

In order to increase visual acuity and get rid of partial diplopia, a person can be asked to perform gymnastic exercises aimed at training the eye muscles.

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Strabismus is treated by selecting glasses or contact lenses. It is possible to use synaptic drugs, for example, Synoptophore. A good effect is provided by software and computer treatment, accommodation training, vacuum ophthalmologic massage. The operation is appointed if the problem can not be managed with conservative methods. Children undergo surgery at the age of 3-5 years. The procedure can be aimed at weakening or strengthening the oculomotor muscles. Sometimes you need a muscle or tendon transplant. The success of the operation is quite high and is equal to 80-90%.

With dry eye syndrome, patients are prescribed installations of artificial tear preparations. To eliminate inflammation use anti-inflammatory and immunotropic drugs. The operation is prescribed for the development of complications, for example, with perforation of the cornea or with a xerotic ulcer. The mild course of the disease is well amenable to correction. In severe cases, loss of vision is possible.

Prevention measures

The following recommendations make it possible to reduce the probability of diseases that can lead to double vision:

  • It is necessary to abandon bad habits, first of all it concerns smoking.

  • If the work is associated with a prolonged overexertion of the eyes, then you need to take breaks. At least every hour, you need to be distracted from the computer monitor and look into the distance.

  • If you have to work with chemicals, you need to protect your eyes with glasses.

  • Do not rub your eyes with your hands.

  • It is useful at least once a day to perform gymnastics for the eyes.

  • It is important to ensure that lighting in the workplace is sufficient.

  • If you have problems with your vision, you should regularly see an ophthalmologist.

If there are signs of visual impairment or doubling in the eyes, you should consult a doctor and treat the existing pathologies in time.


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