Anemia – what is it? Symptoms and Treatment


Anemia – what is it? Symptoms and Treatment

Anemia is dangerous to human health, especially if it remains untreated for a long time. This condition leads to severe pathological changes in the body, which are often irreversible.

Anemia leads to a weakening of the body’s defenses, so a person begins to get sick more often, he is no longer able to withstand viruses, bacteria, parasites and fungi as before.

The body triggers compensatory mechanisms, increasing the load on the cardiovascular system. Their tissues quickly wear out, which increases the likelihood of heart failure.

Psychoemotional sphere suffers, a person becomes irritable, neurological disorders develop. Deteriorates attention and memory, changes the sense of smell and taste.

Anemia affects the work of all organs, including the functioning of the gastrointestinal system, the respiratory system, the organs of vision.

Anemia is very dangerous for pregnant women. Iron deficiency in the first 2 trimester of pregnancy doubles the risk of premature birth, three times more often the children of such mothers are born with underweight. The child himself is born with anemia. This leads to a delay in its development, which can not be eliminated until the baby is cured of anemia. In the future, such children will be prone to cardiovascular pathologies.

A severe complication of anemia is a hypoxic coma, which can result in a fatal outcome.


Patient examination in the doctor’s office and collection of anamnesis


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