Anemia in women: the first signs and treatment


Anemia in women: the first signs and treatment

The main symptoms of anemia in women develop when the disease reaches an average severity. In this case, hemoglobin falls to 70-90 g / l.

The main manifestations of anemia of moderate severity are:

  • Circular hypoxic syndrome As the anemia progresses, the skin and mucous membranes become very pale, subject to trophic changes. Women are increasingly beginning to worry about dizziness, which can pass into fainting. Palpitation increases, if there are any diseases of the cardiovascular system (IHD, heart failure), then anemia will aggravate their course. During the load, and then at rest, the woman will begin to chase her breath. . The tongue often becomes inflamed. Women begin to make complaints about abdominal pain, and when they examine the organs of the digestive system they often have atrophic gastritis. Periodically, there may be a desire to smell some specific smells (acetone, paint, gasoline), or eat some unusual food (chalk, dental powder, clay). On sideropenia indicates weakness of the muscular apparatus, uncontrolled urination, dyspepsia.

  • Asthenovegetative syndrome. Irritability increases, the woman becomes whiny and quick-tempered. Memory and attention continue to deteriorate. Disorders from the immune system. As the anemia progresses, the body’s natural defenses are weakened. Therefore, a woman often begins to suffer from acute respiratory viral infections and intestinal infections.

  • What threatens anemia in women?

    If anemia is not detected in time and does not begin to heal, then it is hello to the development of irreversible processes in the body of a woman. Reduction of hemoglobin level entails a decrease in immunity. With the failure of the immune system, the probability of infection not only by mild respiratory infections, but also by severe diseases, for example, tuberculosis, increases.

    In addition, the cardiovascular system with a deficiency of hemoglobin and red blood cells, works in a strengthened mode. The heart pumps large volumes of blood to stop oxygen starvation of organs and tissues. This leads to rapid wear of the heart muscle and threatens the onset of heart failure.

    The woman becomes irritable, her psycho-emotional background will be unstable, which is associated with a risk of developing neurological pathologies.

    Possible complications of anemia include:

    • Decreased immunity.

    • Myocardial dystrophy and heart failure.

    • Pathology of the digestive system and respiratory system.

    • Defeat of the mucous membranes.

    • Worsening of mental abilities.

    The most serious complication of anemia is a hypoxic coma that is fatal.

    Anemia is no less dangerous during pregnancy, since this disorder increases the likelihood of miscarriage and early childbirth. It affects not only the mother, but also the fetus, which begins to lag behind in mental and physical development.

    Treatment of anemia in women

    About what anemia is treated, a woman should find out in the doctor’s office. You can not independently diagnose yourself and start therapy. Even the presence of all signs of anemia requires laboratory tests.

    Therapy of anemia begins with the establishment of the cause that it provoked. However, adherence to a special diet is an indispensable condition for getting rid of iron deficiency in the body. A woman is recommended to include in the menu products – sources of heme iron. It’s red meat, liver, tongue. Necessarily need to add to the menu products rich in vitamin C. Otherwise, iron will not be digested in full. Refuse to eat coffee, tea, milk, chocolate. These products contain oxalates and polyphenols, which interfere with the absorption of iron.

    It should be noted that only with the help of one diet can not get rid of anemia. It will be required to take preparations based on it (ferro-preparations): Tardiferon, Sorbifer Durules, Gestalis, etc. The course of treatment should last at least 1.5 months. During this time, the level of hemoglobin should come back to normal. Then, for 1.5-2 months, the woman should take iron-containing drugs in order to replenish the depot of this substance in the body.

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    • If the anemia has a severe course, p

      During pregnancy, all women without exception should receive iron preparations for the prevention of anemia. Begin receiving this substance in the second trimester and end after the completion of breastfeeding. The dosage should be selected by the doctor.

      Anemia is a serious problem that can complicate the life of any woman. Therefore, in order to prevent the development of anemia, you should not give up annual check-ups and donate blood for analysis. If there are even minor deviations in the blood picture, you need to start treatment.


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