Anemia in Pregnancy


Anemia in Pregnancy

In order to establish a woman’s presence of iron deficiency anemia, it will be necessary to donate blood for a general analysis. Reducing the concentration of hemoglobin in the blood is not always a sign on which one should be guided in the first place, since its fall can occur due to an increase in the volume of plasma in the blood. However, one should be concerned if, in the first trimester of pregnancy, the hemoglobin level is below 110 g / l, and in the second trimester at a level below g / l.

To confirm their assumptions, the doctor will send a woman to give an advanced blood test. It is necessary to investigate the volume of circulating blood in the body, as well as the content of serum iron and the hypochromia of erythrocytes. This will make sure whether a particular woman during pregnancy develops anemia.

Anemia medications for pregnancy

Anemia in pregnancy requires long-term and comprehensive treatment. Immediately after the start of taking drugs, the effect should not be expected, but already on the 9th -12th day a jump in reticulocytes in the blood should occur. This will indicate that the treatment is matched correctly. The fact that the therapy gives a positive effect is not an excuse for stopping it. Achieving a steady increase in hemoglobin levels in the blood can only be 1.5-2 months after the start of treatment. Moreover, simply raising the hemoglobin level is not enough, it is necessary to fill the body’s depot with iron. Therefore, the intake of iron-containing drugs continues for several months. This is not the whim of the doctor and should not frighten the expectant mother.

If the woman has an early pregnancy and already has anemia, then most likely, this pathology existed before her conception. To postpone with therapy in this case is strictly forbidden, as with the growth of the fetus and increase in the volume of circulating blood, anemia will progress.

In addition to iron preparations pregnant women are prescribed vitamins of group B, including Folic acid and Cyanocobalamin. Selection of the dose is carried out on an individual basis.

Proper nutrition is the key to getting rid of anemia, but without medication, recovery is impossible. Of food per day absorbed no more than 2.5 g of iron, while it is required in 2 times more.

The following medicines are used to treat women in the situation:

  • Salts of ferrous iron. The drug from this group is Actyferrin. It can be purchased in the form of a solution, in the form of capsules and tablets. Analogues of this drug are drugs called Totem and Hemofer.

  • Salts of ferrous iron supplemented with vitamin C. The preparations of this group are: Ferroplex and Hemohelper.

  • In the form of a solution, you can buy protein ferric succinylate, this drug is called Ferlatum.

  • You can also take trivalent iron preparations called Maltofer and Ferrum Lek.

Preparations based on ferrous iron are easier to penetrate the body, but give more side effects. First of all, this concerns the disruption of the functioning of the digestive system. Preparations based on ferric iron are absorbed by the body worse, but side effects are observed much less often.

It is best to take iron preparations orally in the form of capsules or tablets. Parenteral administration is practiced only in exceptional cases and in hospital.

With intravenous fluids, the following side effects increase:

  • An allergic reaction that can be very serious , up to anaphylactic shock.

  • DIC-syndrome.

  • Problems in the functioning of the digestive system.

  • Formation of bruises and infiltrates at the site of injection. Food for anemia in pregnant women

    When anemia develops, pregnant women need to adjust their diet. The menu should be meat. The best source of iron is beef, veal, rabbit, chicken and turkey. It is good to eat beef tongue. These products contain heme iron, which has a high bioavailability of 30%. The liver also acts as a valuable source of iron, but pregnant women should eat it with caution. In this product, a lot of vitamin A, which is able to exert a toxic effect on the fetus.

    In addition, the diet should be varied with eggs, cheese, cottage cheese, sour-milk drinks. Fish are useful, for example, pink salmon and cod. Vegetable products that are sources of iron are asparagus, apples, black currant, buckwheat, oatmeal. However, non-heme iron, which is contained in plant products, is absorbed by the body only by 3-5%.

    In general, the menu of the future mother should be diverse. After all, in order for iron to be fully absorbed in the intestine, he needs other vitamins and trace elements, for example, vitamin C. In useful substances, no less than a pregnant woman needs a child. Without this, its full development is impossible.

    Protein is the basis for the construction of hemoglobin molecules and muscles. The best source of protein are products such as: sour cream, cottage cheese, sea fish.

    Menu option for a pregnant woman with anemia


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