Anemia of 2nd degree


Anemia of 2nd degree

The general well-being of a person worsens, which is characterized by the following violations:

  • All the usual work that a person has done before, now becomes extremely difficult for him. This is due to increased weakness and fatigue. In addition, tachycardia and shortness of breath, which are especially noticeable after physical exertion, contribute to the deterioration of the well-being, the Heart is forced to work in a strengthened mode to provide organs suffering from hypoxia with blood containing oxygen.

  • Depression intensifies, as the quality of life continues to decline. In the ears may appear noise, occasionally there are attacks of dizziness, sleep worsens, attention and memory suffers.

  • The appetite disappears or is distorted. Any dishes seem unpleasant to the taste, they want to be replaced with something unusual, for example, chalk or flour. The appearance of a person suffers: the skin becomes pale and dry, the lips appear cracks, in the corners of the mouth are formed “jam”, which are characterized by a prolonged course. As the disease progresses, a person begins to suffer from edema, as in addition to heart problems, he has impaired renal function. Of course, all the described malfunctions in the body do not occur at one time, they progress gradually, however, as the course of anemia worsens.

    Diagnosis of grade 2 anemia

    To determine what to do next with your health, a person should not independently, but with the help of a specialist. The doctor already at the time of the first examination may suspect anemia in the patient.

    However, some assumptions are not enough, so the patient is assigned a comprehensive examination that will include:

    • A general urine test that will estimate the amount of bilirubin to be excreted.

    • A blood test that allows you to estimate the level of red blood cells and hemoglobin. Many readers will be interested in when the diagnosis of anemia of the 2nd degree is diagnosed, that is, the low level of hemoglobin – how much? If its values ​​fall below the level of 90 mg / l, but not below 70 mg / l, such indicators indicate an iron deficiency anemia of moderate severity.

    • Determine the level of free hemoglobin and bilirubin allows a biochemical blood test.

    • US internal organs perform to assess their condition. As a rule, with the second degree of anemia, the size of the liver and spleen increases, pathological changes in the kidneys, intestines and stomach are possible.

    • Women visit a gynecologist who performs the diagnosis of the reproductive system. Sometimes anemia develops against a background of uterine bleeding.

    • Gigas of the stomach and intestines can reveal hidden internal bleeding.

    A bone marrow biopsy is performed to evaluate its condition. This procedure is prescribed in the event that anemia has a severe course.

    How to treat anemia of grade 2

    To get rid of anemia of 2 severity, the patient is placed in a hospital, although sometimes therapy is performed on an outpatient basis. First of all, it is necessary to identify the cause that led to a decrease in the hemoglobin level in the blood.

    Basic principles for the treatment of anemia of moderate severity:

    • Detection of the source of bleeding and its removal, if any.

    • Reception of iron preparations. The dose and the specific medicine are selected individually.

    • Assignment of vitamin-mineral complexes.

    • Blood transfusion is performed in cases when it is not possible to raise the hemoglobin level with drugs.

    • In severe cases, hormonal drugs are used.

    • Also, cardinal methods of treatment include spleen removal and bone marrow transplantation. Most often, grade 2 anemia is accompanied by a deficiency of B vitamins. Therefore, the patient can be shown the introduction of vitamin B12 and B6. In addition, orally prescribed Folic acid and ascorbic acid. The dose is selected by the doctor, he also determines the duration of treatment.

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      Dietotherapy of grade 2 anemia

      Treatment must be supplemented with a diet.

      The diet includes products such as:

      • Liver of animals, red meat.

      • Beans.

      • Fresh fruits and vegetables.

      • Sour-milk drinks.

      • Dried fruits and nuts.

      • Juices: pomegranate, tomato, orange, apple and beet.

      • Chocolate and cocoa.

      It is compulsory for a patient to spend enough time outdoors, making walks, if it allows her to feel. It is necessary to adjust the regime of the day, to minimize stress and unrest.

      As a rule, anemia of the 2nd degree is well amenable to therapeutic treatment if the treatment is performed by specialists.

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