Symptoms and treatment of dropsy in newborns


Symptoms and treatment of dropsy in newborns

In spite of the fact that surgical treatment for the treatment of hydrocele takes only 20-30 minutes and is considered to be a simple operation, preparation for it should be thorough.

Preparation. For the operation not complicated by the infectious process, the development of pneumonia, the basic requirement in preparing for intervention is the good health of the child. It should be fully restored after the disease, that is, after the flu, ARD should go at least a month for complete restoration of immunity. Preliminary it is required to hand over the general analysis of a blood and urine. Before the operation, it is required to abstain from eating completely within 6 hours, you can not drink water either.

Types of anesthesia. When performing surgery, children in most cases use general anesthesia. This choice is justified, because it avoids the tremendous stress for the baby, delivered by unfamiliar conditions, specific smells and sounds, and the type of surgical instruments.

General anesthesia will help relieve tension, relax the child, relieve him of unpleasant impressions and memories. For anesthesia, a mask with nitrous oxide is used, and after the baby falls asleep, an additional intravenous catheter is installed. Throughout the operation, the anesthetist controls the blood pressure and heart rate of the child. At the end of the operation, nitrous oxide no longer enters the respiratory tract of the child, it wakes up.

The postoperative period in the clinic. Drink will be resolved within a few hours after the intervention, take food – a little later. The child is sent home the next day, provided that the operation has gone without complications. Pain sensations in the field of the operating wound are usually minor, they can be suppressed by the intake of NSAIDs (Paracetamol, Ibuprofen). After 2-4 days, the pain does not bother the child at all.

The postoperative period at home. During the month you need to limit physical activity, both for the baby and for the older child. The boy should not touch the wound so as not to infect it and not to provoke bleeding. Modern operations are carried out with the use of absorbable suture material, therefore it is not necessary to visit the doctor to remove the sutures. Redness and swelling of the tissues around the wound for 2-3 days is the norm, if such symptoms last longer than 3 days, the infection of the wound may begin, it is required to visit the surgeon urgently.

The child needs to carefully protect the wound from getting wet for a week to prevent infection.

h2 Complications of the postoperative period

Although the complications after a careful and the prepared operation are extremely rare, they cause negative consequences with a severe prognosis.

  • Complications of anesthesia

  • Infectious disease of the testis – it is required to take antibacterial drugs for 7-14 days after surgery. p / li

  • Bleeding – is caused by pressure in the field of the operating field, less often – by irrational technique of surgical intervention.

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    Recurrence of hydrocele – is diagnosed according to the following sign : the testicles in the child are located higher than before the operation. If there is such a sign, an urgent consultation is required for the child urologist.

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    Infertility risk – damage to the testicles or spermatic cord during surgery can disrupt the reproductive function of the future male or completely render it infertile. The formation of postoperative scars and cords, which tightly fixes the testicle in one position.

  • Atrophy of the testicle with damage to the circulatory system of the organ.

  • Pain syndrome and discomfort in the groin area.

To avoid donkeys scars, you must scrupulously observe the doctor’s recommendations for the treatment of a postoperative wound, keep calm, do not allow physical exertion. \ / \ p

Many violations of male health originate not from congenital pathologies, but from banal non-observance of personal hygiene rules. The foundation of the hygienic care for your body begins in the family, the most productive it is at the age of 5.

Prophylaxis of dropsy in newborn babies provides the following rules for pregnant women:

  • Cancellation of the toxic effect of alcohol, nicotine

  • Restricting visits to places of large populations to prevent infection with rubella, mumps, SARS, influenza.

  • Timely detection and treatment of STDs to exclude congenital fetal pathologies.

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    Limitation of contacts with allergens in the presence of this disease.

  • Strengthening of immunity by quenching, vitaminization of the ration, restriction of stress. Attention to the health of the boy , compliance with the recommendations of a doctor, rational treatment will help avoid complications and maintain reproductive health.


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