Farsighted glasses – how to choose?


Farsighted glasses – how to choose?

In the case of presbyopia, a person usually needs glasses in which it will be convenient for him to read, write, and interact with closely located objects, because long-range vision remains satisfactory. But it does not always happen. The fact is that the age-long-sightedness after 40-45 years inevitably develops in all people, including absolutely healthy, as the resources of accommodation are depleted.

The nucleus of the lens undergoes gradual sclerosis, which prevents the change in curvature and the return of the focus of light rays to the surface of the retina. In addition, the zinn ligament and the ciliary band – the lens control elements – wear out. All this leads to the fact that after 40 years even people with 100% vision begin to see worse near. Usually, the deviation is within +3 diopters, and after 60 years of further reduction in visual acuity no longer occurs, because the lens is sclerized, and the accommodation mechanism is completely lost.


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