Feel the legs: what to do?


Feel the legs: what to do?

Children can also complain about having their legs scratched. The most common cause of such a symptom is the allergic reaction of the body. It can cause insect bites, skin contact with household chemicals, taking medications.

Children under 5 years of age often develop hives. In this case, large red spots appear on the skin of the legs and other parts of the body, which slightly rise above the surface of the dermis. Such rashes are very itchy. In a number of cases, even a comprehensive examination does not reveal the allergen. To minimize the risk of developing such an organism reaction, it is necessary to exclude contact of the skin of the baby with unnatural tissues.

To find out the cause of the allergy, you need to visit an allergist. The doctor will prescribe special tests. Treatment is reduced to taking antihistamines. Sometimes hormones are prescribed.

If the skin itches on the knee joints, the child can develop eczema. This pathology can be inherited. In addition, itchy flexion of the hands, face and neck. When a child combs the affected areas, he can carry an infection. In this case, the course of pathology is complicated. To treat eczema use the same drugs as with allergies. If suppuration occurs, then antibacterial remedies should be used.

Only the feet are scratching

Skin on the soles of the feet will itch if its integrity is violated.

Factors that can provoke such damage:

  • Allergization of the body.

  • Nervous shock.

  • Fungal infection.

  • Frostbite of the lower extremities.

  • Insect bites.

  • Corners.

  • Infectious diseases. If the feet are itchy due to allergies, then in addition to this symptom, other parts of the body will itch in the person, and symptoms characteristic of this disease will appear.

    Scabies are an infection that provokes severe itching. The scabby mite affects not only the feet, but also the hands, the stomach. At night, the skin itches especially intensively. Bubbles appear on it, which merge into strips. These are the ways by which the scabies travel “inside the dermis”. Without appropriate therapy, you can not get rid of scabies. If at least one family member develops this disease, all people close to him should receive medication. Most often, children suffer from the disease, although you can catch an infection in almost any public place. Sometimes it’s enough to take the handrail on the bus to get infected.

    Video: How does the itch mite look like?

    Fungus of the feet is another common disease that causes severe itching. It occurs as the disease progresses. Mycotic microorganisms produce toxins that poison the human body as a whole. Skin on legs begins to peel and burn, can become covered with small papules filled with liquid. If the fungus is not treated, it will spread to the outside of the foot and to the nail plate. If the legs itch and blush

    If the legs itch and become covered with red spots, then this may be a symptom of erysipelas. The disease threatens the development of elephantiasis, since it worsens the lymphatic drain.

    Streptococcus is provoked. First, a person simply begins to feel bad, his body temperature increases. The appearance of a red spot on the leg is a secondary symptom of the disease, or its relapse. And it can happen even 6 months after the first episode of inflammation.

    The spot is slightly swollen and painful. First it hurts, and then it starts to itch.

    Antibiotics are required to treat the disease. As a rule, the improvement occurs quickly, already after 24 hours from the start of therapy. The spot needs to be smeared with creams with antibacterial effect. Also shown is the use of antihistamines, which can eliminate symptoms of the disease.

    Why does my leg itch after removing hair from them?

    Why does my leg itch after removing hair from them title = Why feet itch after removing hair from them “

    Shaving legs can provoke irritation on the skin, it starts to itch, becomes covered with red spots .. To reduce the likelihood of inflammation, it is necessary to change the machines more often, not to use them for years.

    The razor should be sharp not to injure the skin. A special strip, impregnated with an extract of aloe. after shaving, and also has an easy disinfecting effect.

    During the procedure, it is best use not soap, but special means for shaving. It can be cream and foam. Well, if they contain vitamin E or aloe vera. The use of such a means to avoid irritation and itching of the skin. The procedure should be carried out in the bathroom, or in the shower room, because the effect of warm water hairs are better removed.

    You should not shave your legs just before you leave the house. If you then put your stockings on your feet, the likelihood of itching will increase. It is best to remove hair in the evening so that the skin can regenerate.

    You can not shave your legs against hair growth. This increases the likelihood of irritation.

    How to treat? / h2

    If you can not identify the reasons for the itching, then you need to take an antihistamine drug that will reduce this symptom. Also, sedative medications may be prescribed. It is possible to conduct physiotherapeutic treatment: electrosleep, contrast shower, bath with sea salt, etc.

    On the skin that itches, you need to apply special means. This can be a tincture of metol, Diphenhydramine, salicylic acid 2% concentration, carbolic acid.

    You can lubricate the skin of your feet with a solution of vinegar and water in a 1: 3 ratio. It is good to treat dermis with creams and ointments that have antipruritic effect. Beforehand, the skin of the feet needs to be disinfected. Novokainovye blockades – this is an extreme measure, which allows you to get rid of skin itching. It is resorted to in the case when other methods of treatment do not allow achieving the desired effect.


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