Arthralgia of the knee joint: symptoms and treatment


Arthralgia of the knee joint: symptoms and treatment

Depending on the cause of arthralgia of the knee, the patient may need emergency or delayed medical care.

Immediately you need to see a doctor in the following situations:

  • Pearl, dislocation, subluxation or other serious limb injury.

  • Hemorrhage in the joint. Purulent processes in the region of the knee joint with intoxication of the body, increase in body temperature and pulsating pain.

    A similar situation is most often observed with a knee injury with infection.

  • Lack of ability to move the knee without explainable reasons.

Any of these situations requires a call to the doctor at home. The foot, before the ambulance arrives, it is necessary to give such a position, which makes it possible to alleviate the pain as much as possible. If there is no open wound, you can apply a cold compress to your knee, or a hot water bottle with cool water. It is forbidden to massage the affected area, or to impose on it an elastic bandage.

Video: Dr. Evdokimenko on the treatment of knee pain:

Possible options for the treatment of arthralgia of the knee joint:

  • Rheumatic joint damage requires the use of glucocorticosteroids (Prednisolone), as well as preparations from the NSAID group (Indomethacin, Ibuprofen). Complex treatment will suppress the inflammatory process and relieve pain.

  • If arthralgia in the knee joints is caused by infectious diseases, the patient needs to lower body temperature. Thus, the use of Paracetamol not only fights with high temperature, but also helps to eliminate pain in muscles and joints. If necessary, the patient is prescribed antibiotics, antiviral agents, antihistamines.

  • If the knee was injured, the limb is immobilized for a while. It is possible to impose a cast bandage, use hardware fixation methods. Diclofenac helps relieve pain in the joints. With intensive arthralgia prescribe the injection form of the drug.

During treatment, it is necessary to minimize the load on the diseased knee, so the patient is shown bed rest.

Sometimes you need a surgeon’s help. The operation is performed in the case when purulent contents accumulate inside the knee joint. Also, surgical care is needed for people with damaged ligamentous tendon structures. The operation is performed to remove cystic neoplasms. The vascular surgeon assists patients with phlebitis and atherosclerosis of the legs of the lower extremities.

Neurological arthralgia requires the help of a neurologist and a psychotherapist.

During the treatment you need to follow a diet. In this case, the patient is limited in fried, sour, smoked and salty dishes. Minimize the consumption of salt and spices. You must definitely refuse to drink alcohol. The menu should include cereals, lean meat, fresh vegetables and fruits. Particular attention to their dietary table should be given to pregnant women. Their diet should be enriched with products rich in calcium and vitamin D. Necessarily need to eat sour milk drinks and foods, there is a fat marine fish.

If the cause of arthralgia was established correctly, then it is possible to get rid of the pains in the knee joint quite quickly. The prognosis for complete recovery largely depends on the etiology of the disease.


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