How to get rid of snoring in a dream at home?


How to get rid of snoring in a dream at home?

For the removal of negative symptoms associated with snoring, there are a lot of special adaptations and preparations:

  • Fixing belt – soft “bridle” in the form of a belt is put on on the lower jaw, fixes on the back of the head and keeps the mouth closed;

  • Cap , custom-made – fixed on the teeth, fixes the jaws in one position, allowing air to pass unhindered through the respiratory tract;

  • The nipple from snoring – does not allow the language to sink and vibrate, shifting the lower jaw forward and creating an increased tonus of pharyngeal tissues;

  • The nasal dilator is attached to the nostrils, opening and holding them at night in this state, the device improves breathing and prevents snoring;

  • Medical preparations – aerosols doctor snoring, silence forte, slipex, and special resorption tablets prevent snoring, improving nasal breathing. Positional treatment

    Despite the official terminology, positional treatment is simply a change in the ordinary hydrochloric posture, provoking snoring. It is advisable to sleep on your side to free your breathing. It is possible that at first the body during sleep will tend to take the usual position.

    To quickly get out of this, there is a simple technique – a pocket is sewn on the back of the night pajamas, into which you need to put a small solid ball at night. You just need to turn on your back – the pressure of the ball will make you change the pose to a more acceptable one.

    Instead of a ball placed in your pocket, you can use a “sleepy backpack” attached to your back with a dense bag. In Japan, for this purpose, use an alarm clock with a motion sensor. When you change your posture, he gives a signal that causes the person to wake up and return to his usual position.

    If snoring is caused due to a sleep on a low cushion that triggers a head tilt, you need to change the sleep accessory to a more voluminous or orthopedic pillow . Specially designed geometry of the surface of the orthopedic pillow will allow the head and neck to be at sleep in the most physiological position, which minimizes the risk of snoring. There are models of orthopedic pillows with a recess for the head, fixing it in the right position.

    There is another simple technique that allows to protect the language from sinking, and the respiratory tract from snoring. To do this, it is enough to raise the head 10-15 cm above the normal position, pushing the stable support under the legs of the bed.

    Snoring exercises

    Reduced tonus of the pharynx muscles is one of the main causes of night snoring. Because of the relaxation of the muscles of the whole body, the musculature of the upper respiratory tract also relaxes, vibrating under the influence of an air stream from the lungs. There is a set of several exercises, which can be done after 2-4 weeks to get rid of snoring or to weaken its intensity. It is enough to perform exercises twice a day for 10-15 minutes, and the second time it is done before going to bed.

    Exercises to strengthen the muscles of the pharynx and prevent snoring:

    • Move lower jaw forward, overcoming resistance with palm, then backward;

    • Perform similar jaw movements to the right and left;

    • Open and close mouth, when moving down, overcoming the resistance created by the palm of the hand under the chin;

    • “Write in the air with the lower jaw imaginary numbers or letters;

    • You thrust the tongue several times to reach for the chin,

    • Imitate ejection of the tongue with the mouth closed,

    • sky;

    • li

      Pronounce vowel sounds, intensively articulating your lips and tongue, straining your neck muscles;

    • li

      Close your mouth, can be further back by the language of motion of the pendulum;

    • Put a wooden stick or spoon firmly into your teeth, hold it for 40-60 minutes;

    • Present virtual dial applied to the sky, press the language into imaginary numbers 1, 11, 5, 7, and then on 12, 3, 9, 6.

    Sequence of exercises and their combinations absolutely not important. The main thing is to carefully carry them out to the sensation of easy fatigue.

    Even at home, much can be done to get rid of snoring without investing material resources. Volitional efforts aimed at the regular prevention of snoring, will necessarily lead to success.


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