Treatment of pancreatitis with herbs


Japanese Sophora

This plant is endowed with properties that reduce pain in pancreatitis. The effectiveness of the preparation, prepared on the basis of Sophora Japanese, was known back in ancient times, when Eastern healers were preparing on its basis drugs for the treatment of emperors.

The special chemical composition of the plant helps accelerate the regeneration of damaged tissues, improves the pancreas as a whole.

The composition of Sophora includes:

  • Vitamin R (routines). Mostly contained in buds;

  • Sforoside and other flavonoids contained in fruits

  • Alkaloids

  • Glycosides;

  • Fatty oils.

Positive effect on the pancreas is due to the restoring, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties of Sophora. The plant is a natural adaptogen, which increases the body’s resistance to various diseases.


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