Folk remedies for pancreatitis


Brussels sprouts juice according to the recipe of N.V. Walker with pancreatitis and diabetes

N.V. Walker is an American doctor, a supporter of dietary nutrition based on the use of fresh vegetable juices. He himself adhered to such a diet and a healthy lifestyle and lived to almost a hundred years. It is Walker in the process of research revealed the optimal combination of vegetables, the juices of which have a curative effect on the pancreas.

Such vegetables include:

  • Brussels sprouts

  • Carrot

  • Salad leaves

  • for the recovery of exocrine and intrasecretory functions of the pancreas, for the treatment of diabetes mellitus, pancreatitis.

    Recipe for preparation and method of use:

    Taken in equal quantities components (brussels sprouts, lettuce, carrots and string beans) must be passed through a sowing machine Juice is consumed in half a glass in the morning before eating. The treatment process is based on observing a low-carbohydrate diet, excluding starch from the food, sugar and regular cleansing of the intestines with an enema. The course of therapy is 30 days, after which it should be interrupted for two weeks. If necessary, after a two-week break, the treatment is continued.

    Treatment of pancreatitis with flax seeds

    Flax seeds carry a huge healing power. They are used to treat many diseases, but their main effect is aimed at normalizing the functions of the digestive system, in particular, the pancreas. This is due to the soft enveloping effect, as well as the ability to normalize acidity and eliminate toxins. Seeds are used as kissels and decoctions, the regular use of which contributes to the elimination of concomitant symptoms of pancreatitis pain, intoxication, inflammation. But the main property of flaxseed is the ability to block the development of tumor cells.

    In addition, the seed has a pronounced purifying effect. This is an excellent means of preventing atherosclerosis of blood vessels and hypertension. It helps to lower cholesterol, strengthen immunity, lower blood pressure. Use flaxseed should be used with great care, its use is dangerous for people with urolithiasis. Do not treat flax seeds without consulting a specialist and conducting proper examination.

    Recipes of flax decoctions and kissels

    A tablespoon of seeds and a glass of water are required to prepare the kissel. Components are mixed and put on slow fire. After boiling for 10 minutes, allow to stand for an hour. Before use, kissel is filtered. You need to drink it in the morning before eating. There is also a faster cooking option. To do this, you need to grind the seeds in a coffee grinder, put on fire and cook for 5 minutes. Then cool and strain.

    Of the two described options, the first is considered the most effective:


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