Pancreatitis – how is it manifested? What should I do if I have pancreatitis?


Attack of pancreatitis – what to do?

Exacerbation of organ inflammation is a serious problem that can endanger not only the health, but the life of the patient. Treatment is carried out strictly in a hospital environment, as a person can die without timely received qualified care.

Pain and other symptoms of an attack of pancreatitis

Pain intense, not stopping. Appears in the abdomen, but can radiate in the back, in the lower back, under the shoulder blade. The nature of the sensations is dull or cutting.

Such a high intensity of pain is explained by the abundance of nerve endings in the pancreas, which, when inflamed, are involved in the pathological process. A person during an attack can even experience a painful shock.

Acute pains, similar to daggers, are a sign of destructive inflammation. Irritation of the peritoneum with stroking indicates the involvement of it in the process of inflammation. In this case, the pain retreats somewhat when pressing on the abdomen and intensifies when released. To lower the threshold of pain a person manages, if he pulls his legs to the stomach.

Loss of consciousness is the result of intolerable pains. If it has no tendency to decline, and continues to increase, then this is an extremely dangerous symptom that speaks of the manifestation of the process of organ destruction.

  • The pains occur against the background of vomiting (first food and then bile), flatulence and total lack of appetite.

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    Diarrhea has a fetid smell, undigested food is found in the masses. The chair is washed off badly, since it contains a lot of fat. Constipation and diarrhea alternate, sometimes the stool may not be for a long time.

  • In the prone position, the pain becomes stronger. The forced posture of the patient with an attack is sedentary, with an inclination forward.

  • There is a belch, a hiccough, dryness in the mouth appears.

  • Body temperature increases, dyspnea and chills occur.

  • The patient’s tongue is covered with a whitish bloom. After two days, the skin loses its elasticity, signs of beriberi develop, weight loss occurs.

  • Arterial pressure drops, the skin becomes gray, a pronounced weakness appears. As such symptoms can accompany not only pancreatitis, but also other pathologies of the digestive tract, the doctor should determine the problem. This can only be done on the basis of diagnostic data.

    What to do with a fit of pancreatitis?


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