Treatment of panic attacks by folk remedies


Treatment of panic attacks

Treatment of panic attacks by folk remedies

Treatment of panic attacks with melissa and mint

The soothing properties of mint and balm are known to folk healers from the earliest times. It is not surprising that these plants are actively used to treat people who are prone to panic attacks.

Melissa is brewed, pouring half a liter of boiling water ten grams of dried leaves of the plant. After two hours, the medicinal potion will be ready: strain it and drink a few sips three times a day. You can drink this as a tea, add honey or sugar to taste.

Similarly, peppermint is brewed: pour two tablespoons of herbs into a glass of boiling water. Insist such tea for two hours, after which they sit and drink a glass at a time. In a day you need to do three doses.

Lipu is used in the popular treatment of panic attacks in cases when the patient’s sleep is disturbed. Inflorescences of this tree are brewed and drunk like tea: a glass of boiling water should take two tablespoons of raw materials. Insist the medication for half an hour. It is recommended to mix infusion with honey (1 teaspoon) during the reception.

Treatment of panic attacks with collections

In the treatment of panic attacks, collections of medicinal plants that have a soothing effect are actively used.

Gather 1. Mix the two pieces of peppermint leaves with the same number of leaves of the three-leaved watch. Then add one piece of cones of hops and valerian roots. All components are ground and mixed thoroughly. Two tablespoons of the collection pour boiling water (500 ml) and leave for half an hour, covering the lid. Take the drug twice a day in half a glass.

Collection 2. Five pieces of cumin fruit are combined with three parts of the camomile’s inflorescences and two parts of the valerian roots. For two cups of boiling water take a couple of tablespoons of the collection and brew for thirty minutes. Drink infusion should be twice a day, in the morning and in the evening, half the glass at a time.

Gather 3. To make it, you need two teaspoons of hawthorn flowers, cucumber grass and motherwort herb. They are mixed with a teaspoon of chamomile and poured a glass of boiling water. Within eight hours the infusion is brewed, after which it is fed and drunk half the glass three times a day. Take medicine better after eating. This tool will help to cope with choking and dizziness during panic attacks.

Collection 4. The infusion of the leaves, mint leaves, sweet clover and valerian roots is beneficial for the nervous system. Ingredients take in the amount of 2: 5: 5: 3, respectively. After mixing the herbs, pour two tablespoons of the collection into boiling water (500 ml) and leave for a couple of hours. To drink medicinal tea follows three times a day before meals.

Gathering 5. In equal amounts, St. John’s wort flowers, mint leaves and valerian roots are combined with nettle leaves, sage grass, rose hips and motherwort. It is optimal to take a teaspoon of each component and pour the medicinal collection with boiling water (1 liter). When the agent is infused, filter it using a gauze folded in several layers. Drink the drug three times a day for half a glass.

Collection 6. Brew in boiling water tansy, calendula and oregano (on a teaspoon of each component). Panic attacks will recede if you drank half the glass of such a remedy two or three times a day. / H h /

Treatment for panic attacks by the baths

it’s not a secret that baths with soothing decoctions and infusions have a beneficial effect on the human psyche, relieve tension and fatigue. When panic attacks are recommended to take a bath with a decoction of rosemary, linden and wormwood. One kilo of the collection is poured into three liters of water and boiled for five minutes. Then the broth is removed from the fire and insists a little more – not more than ten minutes. Before you pour the broth into the bath, strain it. It is best to take a bath before you go to bed. The procedure itself should last about half an hour.

It is also useful to take coniferous baths by brewing a small twig of pine or spruce on a water bath. Three liters of broth is added to the bath and a therapeutic procedure is performed before bedtime. Coniferous extract can also be bought in pharmacies: it is sold in powder form.


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