Treatment of panaritium with folk remedies



Treatment of panaritium with folk remedies

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Popular treatment of panarization

One of the little girls had a panic. She could not sleep, she cried constantly from pain, her mother did not know what to do. In the hospital they were told that you need to remove the nail and there is no other treatment for this disease. My mother wanted to decide on the operation of her daughter, but the girl’s grandmother, after learning about this affliction, strictly forbade the consent to the operation. Instead, she began to treat panaritium with folk remedies.

For this recipe, take a glass, pour into it one protein of a hen’s egg and add to it 96% alcohol sparingly. In this case, stir the protein with a spoon. Alcohol pour in until the protein coagulates and turns into white flakes. This will take about 40 milliliters of alcohol. Then the composition is passed through a strainer and transfer the flakes from the protein to gauze, folded in several layers. Put such a compress on the sore spot, cover it with polyethylene and bind it with a bandage. Compress is removed after seven hours and a new bandage is done. After three days of such treatment, the finger of the daughter began to heal, and the illness did not make itself felt anymore.

Treatment with a soda

You will be helped by this method of folk treatment: take hot water in a cup, put in it two tablespoons of baking soda, and let in such a solution the sick finger will stay for about thirty minutes.

Repeat the procedure three to four times a day. In total, the treatment will take two or three days. Every time after such a panaritic treatment procedure you need to lubricate the affected area with iodine. After such treatment, the entire nail will come off without any painful sensations.

Treatment of the greyhole panacea

There is a very simple folk method of treating panaricium. You need to steal the finger properly, after pouring panaritium greens. But that’s not all: you will need to take a piece of cotton wool, twist it in your hands and slip it under the nail in the place where the panaritium appeared. Then the nail will not press on the skin, and the pain will pass.

So do it from time to time, and gradually the nail will start to grow a little bit upwards and will not cause you suffering. Of course, eventually everything will return to its place, but by that time the panaritium has already passed and everything will heal.

Treatment of panaritium with copper sulfate

Panaritium is also called “hair”. With such a disease, the finger swells, on which there is a sick nail, pains do not allow a person to sleep.

But if you take a pinch of copper sulphate and throw it in fifty milliliters of warm water, you get a medical solution. In it it is necessary to dip a sick finger and to hold so within fifteen minutes. After several procedures, the panaritium will be cured. It helps a lot.

By the way, there is an opinion that another kombucha quickly cures any nail diseases. It is worth to do compresses at night – and after two or three days the nail itself falls off without any suffering.


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