Soda from parasites


What official medicine says about soda from parasites

In professional medical sources of the last century, soda is mentioned as a disinfecting water for lack of more effective means, and nothing more. Medical work entitled “Tropical Pediatrics” describes the complication that has appeared in 107 children after cleansing the bowel in African countries. This “enema syndrome” includes water overload, toxic effects of enema components, electrolyte imbalance, and several deaths.

There is only one study on the effect of soda solution on causative agents of peptic ulcer when administered orally. The drug Flit phospho-soda is used as a laxative to cleanse the digestive tract before surgery and other manipulations.

Consequently, there is no evidence of the efficacy of soda to expel parasites in official medicine sources.

Resuscitation physicians testify to lethal outcomes and cases of intestinal necrosis in children. This is the so-called “water poisoning”, an overdose of the solution when carrying out cleansing enemas. The small size of the rectum, the unstable microflora of the infantile intestine lead to dangerous consequences, injuries to the lower GI tract. Adult patients claim to experience unusual ease after purifying soda from parasites. Similar sensations can be obtained after a natural emptying. Removing helminths, a person tries to get rid of their negative effects, suppression of the immune system, poisoning with toxins, digestive disorders, headaches, anemia. All these consequences are caused by parasites living in the small intestine. The only species of helminths descended into the rectum are pinworms. They lay eggs around the anus, where the larvae again go up into the upper intestine.

An enema with soda, according to a specialist, can not completely rid the person of parasites. A few parasites, excreted during the washing of the rectum, are expelled mechanically.

The best tactic after setting the exact diagnosis is the determination of the helminth species, the choice of the optimal medication with the help of the infectious disease doctor. Effective drugs, supplemented with herbal preparations and diet, will help get rid of parasites. The only permissible effect on the large intestine is the consumption of foods with vegetable fiber and a sufficient number of minerals and vitamins. Self-medication with any medication without prescribing a doctor is inadmissible.


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