Ankylostomy in man (hookworm)


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How to get rid of hookworm?

Modern medicines will help to expel helminth in a short time:


A universal drug that helps with many types of infection by parasites, effective, safe and inexpensive. The course of de-worming is 1 to 3 days.


Effective drug, has a large number of contraindications, treatment course – 1 day.


Effective and safe, used to treat children and pregnant women. The course of de-worming is 1 to 3 days.


It is often used when expelling a nekator. The course of treatment – from 1 to 3 days.

Control the effectiveness of treatment by the study of the results of the coprogram. If there are eggs in the feces of hookworm, the course of treatment is repeated. In addition, anemia therapy with iron and folic acid is provided. Prevention of infection with hookworm infection

In order not to put health at risk of infection with this type of helminthiasis, it is enough to strictly observe the basic rules of hygiene: to wash hands after the toilet, before eating, hot water and vegetables and fruit before using them for food. Do not drink raw water, before using it you have to boil. When visiting the mine or cellar, the basement should be worn closed tight shoes. In an area endemic to hookworm, you do not need to walk barefoot on the grass, sand. After working in the garden, it is advisable to wash your hands thoroughly in the garden.

Consequences of the disease for the human body

An untreated ankylostomosis leads to anemia (iron deficiency anemia), as for the day the helminth consumes from the intestinal mucosa up to 0.3 ml per day. Intoxication by products of parasite activity leads to frequent allergic reactions. Mobility of parasites, their constant attachment to the mucous membrane leads to traumatization of the intestine. This factor is the reason for joining a secondary bacterial infection, malignant degeneration.

Timely treated ankylostomosis does not leave serious consequences and complications, has a favorable prognosis.


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