Parasites in children


How to remove parasites in a child?

To eliminate parasites in children, the pharmaceutical industry produces a large number of antiparasitic drugs of high efficacy. Almost all of them have a toxic effect on the child’s body, so they are taken solely on the advice of an infectious disease specialist, a parasitologist. Treatment is carried out based on the diagnosis that determines the type of infection. Despite the fact that there are means of complex action, specific drugs may be required to expel a particular species.

To prevent toxic effects of parasite products in children manifesting as allergic reactions, the doctor prescribes antihistamines. In pediatrics, effective and safe medications in the form of drops or suspensions (Zodak, Zetrin, Zirtek, Loratidine) are used for this purpose.

Effective agents for treating infestations of children with nematodes:


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