The first signs and symptoms of parasites


The causes of the appearance of parasites in the human body

There are various causes of the appearance of parasites in the human body.

They can get there in several ways:

  • Alimentary path, that is, through the gastrointestinal tract. Most often this happens when eating contaminated food or water.

  • Contact-household way, that is, through household items, from other infected people, from domestic animals. There is a transmission pathway of infection, when parasites penetrate the human body through bloodsucking insects.

  • Percutaneous path. This way of infection is characterized by the penetration of the parasite into the host’s body through the skin or through the mucous membranes.

  • The parasite larvae can be inhaled along with the dust. Parasites in Fish

    Fish is a valuable food for humans, but it can serve as a source of parasitic diseases. Therefore it is important to know which parasites in the fish can harm a person.

    Helminthes are the most common parasites that live in the body of fish. The most common types of helminths are carp species: bream, rudd, gusher, although any fish can be infected with helminths. To prevent infection, you need to thoroughly digest fish, otherwise the risk of transmission of helminthiasis is very high. It is especially dangerous to eat raw fish.

    • Shistocefamosy. Very often these smells infect smelt, although you can meet them in trout, salmon, pink salmon. Fish contaminated with schistocephamosomes can be eaten after careful heat treatment.

    • Siberian or Chinese fluke. These are worms, which are found in the Amur cossack, carp, carp, jaz. In humans, eating contaminated fish will lead to the development of the opisthorchiasis or clonorchiasis.

    • A wide belt is often found in pike, ruff, salmon, salmon fishes.

    • Nanofetosis in humans is caused by trematodes, which are often kill ketu, whitefish, grayling and other valuable fish species.

    • Ligulosis provokes tapeworms. Basically ligulosis is prone to carp (bream, bream, vobla, rudd). It is noteworthy that after removing worms from fish its meat remains fit for food.

    • Metatonimosis in humans causes worms from the family of trematodes. They are often found in the Amur bream, carp, sige, catfish, ruddings and gudgeons.

    It should be noted that any properly cooked fish is not harmful to human health. It can be safely eaten after qualitative heat treatment. Also helps to get rid of the parasites in the fish its prolonged freezing at extremely low temperatures.

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    Parasites in meat

    Parasites in meat are not less common than in fish. Infection is possible when eating raw or poorly heat-treated meat of animals.

    The following diseases can be threatened by a person:


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