Paresis of the facial nerve


Paresis of the facial nerve

The relaxation and impotence of the muscles responsible for facial expressions, or a significant impairment of the motor functions of one side of the face, as a result of nerve damage, or neuropathy – all belong to such a dangerous as a paresis of the facial nerve. This disease belongs to the category of diseases related to neurology.

The main and most commonly occurring signal of paresis of the facial nerve is the lack of symmetry and mobility of one of the half of the face. This is manifested in the inability to smile, close only one eye, the patient has difficulty speaking.

How does paresis of the facial nerve develop?

The most common cause of the disease is inflammation of the facial nerve, in other words , neuritis. Other inflammatory processes, for example, otitis (acute or chronic), complications after which cause paresis in 2-4%, influenza, and viral infections are also attributed to the causes of the onset of the disease. Because the causes of the disease are extensive, each case requires an individual approach to treatment.

Paresis of the facial nerve can often be an independent disease or symptom of a certain inflammation in the body. Thus, the disease is divided into primary (idiopathic) paresis and secondary paresis. One of the most common causes is neuritis, which causes inflammation and a little later the swelling of the nerve. Neuritis can be caused by a serious infection, for example, herpes zoster virus.

Also paresis of the facial nerve can be a consequence of a violation of blood supply to the cerebral cortex, tumor, traumatic nerve damage. Factors that cause the appearance of neuritis are hypothermia, diabetes, stroke, various forms of sclerosis (atherosclerosis, multiple sclerosis) and dental treatment. Treatment with modern methods is mainly aimed at the regeneration of nerve tissues and the elimination of the factors that caused the disease.

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How to get rid of paresis of the facial nerve?

Dangerous paresis of the facial the nerve is well treated with timely access to a specialist and using methods of unique integral medicine. The positive effect of passing the therapeutic course is directly dependent on the period of onset of the onset of the disease before treatment begins. Fast recovery is often traced in 70-80% of cases, and also in almost 100% of cases with early treatment.

For effective treatment of this disease, integral medicine uses specific methods of therapy, which include reflexotherapy and physiotherapy. The use of acupuncture, acupressure, laser therapy, electromassage, electropuncture is included in the basic course of treatment of this dangerous ailment. When choosing an individual course of treatment, magnetotherapy, electrophoresis, and mud applications can be added to each patient.

Integral medicine identifies the basic directions for the treatment of paresis of the facial nerve. One of the first and main actions is the elimination of the process that caused inflammation, and the treatment of neuritis, in other words, the rapid removal of edema of nervous tissues. As well as the improvement and increase in nutrition and circulation in the nerve fibers, using procedures that stimulate facial nerve regeneration. It should be mentioned that the use of effective methods to increase the body’s ability to resist viruses is an important factor of treatment. And also specialists are trying to eliminate accompanying diseases of ENT organs such as otitis, eustachitis and many others.

The methods of therapy used (reflex and physiotherapy) that are successfully used in integral medicine for fast and effective treatment of the paresis facial nerve, do not have side effects and indications that prevent their use. This is the case where the positive effect obtained is combined with complete safety for the human body. In most cases, a significant improvement in well-being is achieved, and if the treatment is started and the patient is fully recovered.

With these methods of treating the facial nerve of integral medicine, there are improvements such as complete recovery or significant improvement in facial nerve functions, reducing the risk of resumption of the disease, getting rid of the causes that triggered the inflammatory process leading to paresis of the facial nerve. In addition, the face becomes more alive and mobile, facial expressions are corrected, the facial asymmetry is eliminated or reduced, the accompanying symptoms of facial nerve paresis disappear,

. In combination with the baseline the therapeutic course in the diagnosis of paresis of the facial nerve is carried out and special medication, which also applies to treatment with integrated medicine. With the use of drug therapy, the positive effect of the chosen method of treatment is greatly enhanced, and the organism of each individual patient is completely protected from side effects, rendering harm to their negative effect.

The main symptom of the disease is the violation of motor functions. Violation of such functions provokes loss of mobility of the facial muscles, which do not receive nerve impulses from the cortex of the brain. The main signs of paresis of the facial nerve include weakness or immobility of one side of the face, a skewed face, a complicated reception of liquid food, and difficulties in speaking.


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