Lentets wide (diphyllobothriasis)


Treatment of diphyllobothriasis

Before the treatment of diphyllobothriasis, the doctor conducts diagnostics of helminthiasis. The history of epidemiological manifestations is preliminarily collected. It includes such items as living near fresh water, fishing, self-caught and salted fish.

Laboratory research:

  • Analysis of feces for detection eggs of ribbon and parts of his body;

  • Blood test for determination of signs of hyperchromic anemia;

  • General blood test for detection of neuropathy and thrombocytopenia;

  • Biochemical blood test for the content of haptoglobin and lactate dehydrogenase.

After analysis of all parameters, the doctor-helminthologist It recommends effective drugs for the treatment of diphyllobothriasis. At the preparatory stage, therapy for vitamin deficiency and iron deficiency anemia. Within a month, the patient takes iron supplements, carries out injections of vitamin B 12.

Preparations with anthelminthic action:

  • Praziquantel – leads to parasitic parasite paralysis, used for treatment children with 4 years, side effect – reduced concentration.

  • Biltricide is contraindicated in pregnant women, the drug dose is 60-75 mg / kg of body weight, the daily dose is divided into 3 doses Nichlosamide – used to treat children from 2 years (0.5 g / day), a therapeutic dose for adults and grown up from the age of 14 to 2-3 g / day, is accompanied by the use of laxatives.

To reduce the intensity of toxic poisoning and allergies, these medications are accompanied by antihistamine drugs – Tavegil, Suprastin, Cetrin, Diazoline

Forecast of diphyllobothriasis development

With careful follow-up of the doctor’s recommendation, the recovery prognosis is optimistic. After the anti-parasitic therapy there is unstable immunity, it is possible to re-infection with diphyllobothriasis.

Prevention of invasion by a wide ribbon

In order to protect yourself from a wide latent infection, you need to carefully monitor the full culinary processing fish: fry it for at least 30-40 minutes, salting for 10 days, freezing fish products to kill parasite larvae.

Fishermen and workers in the processing industry must undergo timely examinations, especially during the greatest activity of the larvae of the parasite. When the first symptoms of the disease appear, an in-depth examination of the parasitologist should be performed immediately.


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