Treatment of paraproctitis with folk remedies


Treatment of paraproctitis by folk remedies

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Decoction of wood ash from paraproctitis

One woman at 45 years of age became paraproctitis, it is also called a hair fistula. Unfortunately, the doctors said that you can get rid of it only by surgery. Fortunately, she was prompted by one folk remedy for paraproctitis, which she decided to use before she went under the knife.

All you need is wood ash. To prepare the recipe, take 2 handfuls of ash, this is about 70 grams, and pour seven liters of water. When the water boils, reduce the gas and continue to boil for 30 minutes. Then strain and allow to cool to normal temperature, so that the skin tolerates. The area of ​​the body with the affected skin is lowered into the broth and keep it there for 25 minutes, washing the wound. After three procedures, the woman’s wound was healed, and she never had a paraproctitis.

Calendula and stone oil

One man was suffering from a fistula. For a long time he had paraproctitis. He had an operation, but it did not help, and the second exit of the fistula appeared. He did not go to the next operation. I decided to try the methods of people’s treatment of paraproctitis. And he found a simple folk recipe.

You need to insist fresh flowers of calendula on boiling water. Keep it for two hours so that the flowers are well brewed. To make this medicine microclysters.

Also he drank the solution with the stone oil. The man had only one course. / h

treatment of urine paraproctitis

After one man was first operated for paraproctitis, everything was swollen, he could no longer walk . I wanted to go for a second operation, but he was advised to do small enemas from evaporated urine and apply compresses to the perineal area as often as possible.

The man also suffered for a while with hemorrhoids, but there were no visible signs of it. After enemas, some tissues began to hang. After making microclysters, everything inside was terribly painful and burning. But he still continued the procedure. Two weeks later the hemorrhoids passed, nothing hanging down, and the paraproctitis passed.

And after he made tampons with fresh urine, there were wild, hellish pains that were felt all over the body. The man decided to do the procedure with tampons not for two hours, but twenty minutes. He was treated regularly. But for these two weeks it was so bad and painful for him that he became angry, like the devil, did not want to see anyone. After two weeks of such terrible pains gradually everything began to pass – and paraproctitis and hemorrhoids. The man began to make tampons with evaporated urine. But at the same time, nothing happened, the pain was no longer felt.

All treatment took him four weeks. But the first two weeks were just awful. The man had to go through a lot during these two weeks. And now I’m very happy that all this has ended and for many years this illness has not bothered him.

Treatment of paraproctitis with herbs

Take one dessert spoonful of pharmacy chamomile, yarrow and sage. Mix these herbs, pour them a glass of boiling water and keep brewing for half an hour. It is necessary in the evening syringe to make such an infusion of microclysters of thirty or forty milliliters of medication. But before that, do a cleansing enema. Also drink a third of the glass of this decoction.


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