Fracture of the coccyx


What to do if the tailbone is broken?

So, there was an unpleasant fall, you hit the coccyx hard and you hurt what to do? Before the arrival of an ambulance and a professional examination of a traumatologist, one must alleviate the pain. First, try to lie down and apply a cold compress to the affected area.

It is usually recommended to lie down so that the injured zone does not touch the surface. However, the human body is itself the best healer, he will tell (by strengthening or easing the pain) what position to take.

You can take painkillers. In this case, you can use baralgin or ketanol, two tablets will be enough, you can apply diclofenac.

Treatment of coccygeal fracture

On acute and subacute stage, patients are prescribed conservative treatment. The main task of the doctors urgently to stop the pain and remove the swelling.

  • While the pain syndrome is pronounced, the patient is shown bed rest. For the purpose of rest, a special orthopedic device is used, we will describe it below.

  • If necessary, the doctor can prescribe a local anesthetic. In some cases, the use of ointments may be indicated, provided that the integrity of the skin is not compromised. It is possible to use rectal suppositories based on voltaren (diclofenac). To prevent constipation and displacement of the coccygeal vertebrae, rectification enemas are prescribed.

  • A special tire is placed on the patient, which is a gauze circle with cotton inside.

As a rule, severe pain goes away within a week, after which the patient is allowed to get up.

Surgical treatment

Surgical treatment is indicated when it is necessary to correct the deformation and a significant displacement of the fragment. The task of the surgeon is to remove the damaged fragment of the coccyx.

Surgical intervention can be prescribed when compressing the pelvic organs and, as a consequence, disturbing their natural functioning, the misalignment of the coccyx segments. The operation is rather complicated – the manipulation should not lead to damage to the rectum.

To preserve the correction of the coccyx deformation after surgical treatment, the doctor prescribes compliance with bed rest and rest for up to 10 days and a corresponding diet.

When the pain syndrome (coccidonia) is uninterrupted for a long time, it is necessary to remove the coccyx. The consequences of such an operation can become suppuration, fistulas and hematomas.

Proper nutrition

During the treatment of trauma you need to take care of the correct diet. You need to eat foods high in calcium: dairy products (cottage cheese, milk), cabbage, greens, fish, persimmons, sesame and hazelnuts.

In order to get into the body of calcium absorbed, in the food the diet should be present silicon. This element is found in currants, black olives, radish and cauliflower.

In the treatment of the consequences of a fracture of the coccyx, narrowly applied methods can be used:

  • hirudotherapy;

  • Parallelepal Cleavage;

  • Electroanalgesia


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