Fracture of the ulnar process of the ulna


Treatment of a fracture of the ulnar process of the ulna

Overlapping of the gypsum

In the case of fracture of the process without displacement, conservative treatment is prescribed. In the place of injury, a gypsum dressing is applied, which covers the third part of the shoulder (upper) together with the forearm (until the wrist joint). The arm is bent at an angle of about 120 0 and so fixed.

For free joints, the doctor prescribes movement from the first days, and the damaged site begins to be developed in 2 weeks. To do this, temporarily remove the bandage and make careful extension with a return to its previous position. Then the gypsum is put in place.

Similarly, treatment occurs, if there is a displacement of fragments, but insignificant. The hand is fixed in the position in which the fragments take their places. A full recovery of bone tissue takes from 3 to 4 weeks.


With a strong displacement of fragments, surgery is required. It is used if there is a distance of 2 mm between the fragments or they have a displacement to the side. Surgery is also required for fractures with multiple fragments. After determining the type of injury, the most appropriate method of treatment is chosen, in which it will be possible to begin movements in the injured place as early as possible. For the treatment of a fracture, osteosynthesis is used, that is, they hold the bones together with two spokes and a titanium wire. The operation can be carried out immediately, as the patient entered the department.

After anesthesia, a cut is made over the damaged area. Through it, remove all blood clots and very small bone particles. The fragments are corrected relative to each other in the correct position using a single-tooth hook. With the help of a drill, two spokes are inserted. At a distance of at least 3 cm from the fracture, holes are drilled to draw a wire securing the fragments. The ends of the wire are twisted with pliers. Above the elbow sprouting leave no more than 2 cm of the length of the spokes, the rest is bored. The ends are bent towards the bone.

The operated limb is secured with a kerchief. After about 5 days, it is recommended to start moving your arm. Complete rehabilitation of motor ability occurs within 5 weeks.

Metal fasteners are removed under local anesthesia not earlier than after 3 months.

In fractures in which there is damage to Monteji, osteosynthesis spend, using a long pin. The head of the radial bone is pre-inserted.


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