Fracture of wrist with displacement


Treatment of a wrist fracture with a shift of

After the patient entered the hospital and all the methods of diagnosis necessary for a fracture of the wrist were applied, the course of treatment should be started. First of all, they carry out the so-called repositioning of those parts of the bone that have been destroyed. In most cases, the procedure involves the use of anesthesia, and in rare cases – surgical intervention.

After the bones have been compared, the damaged limb is immobilized. To do this, you need to use the gypsum dressing until the brush and the damaged bones themselves grow together.

To preserve immobility in the limb area, a variety of methods are used:

  • a plaster bandage or a special tire (these two methods can be applied together and without surgery),

  • metal plate with screws (you can not do without the operation);

  • standard screws, which do not provide any fixing elements (in this case, too, is necessary If the victim has a high threshold of sensitivity to painful sensations (especially for people in old age and children), the process of treating a wrist fracture with displacement will be also imply the use of various anesthetics. In most cases, this is limited to the use of such drugs as analgin or baralgin. In this case, it is necessary to take into account the individual characteristics of the organism.

    In the gypsum bandage or with any other fixing element, the victim can take a long time: from 8 to 11 weeks. After the gypsum was removed, it is necessary to consider the implementation of repeated X-rays. This will make it possible to make sure that the bones are no longer biased.


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