Fracture of little toe on foot



Fractures of the little toe of a leg have division into certain types. Thus, four categories of injuries should be distinguished:

  • fracture of a closed or open type

  • with or without offset

  • is localized, that is, located on one of three phalanges: basic, middle, or nail.

In this situation, if the fragments of a broken little finger break through the skin, ligaments or muscles and communicate with the environment at the same time, experts put an unequivocal diagnosis of an “open fracture”. However, such traumas are much less common than closed fractures. Given that the toes of the foot on their anatomical structure tend to break at once in several places, then the localization in violation of the integral structure of the bone is crucial in the diagnosis.


The diagnosis of fracture of the little finger on the leg is made after the clarification of all the details of the patient’s medical history. It is even easier to do this if there are any relative and absolute signs. Also, competent diagnosis implies the appointment of a radiographic study, so that the character of the fracture would not cause any doubts.

Treatment of a pinky fracture at the foot

The course of treatment is selected individually.

It can consist of:

  • standard fixation of the damaged little finger;

  • using a gypsum lingte;

    / li

  • realization of bone tissue repositioning (with a fracture with a displacement).

In case of a fracture of the phalanx of the nail part, most often inserted a special nail plate. Then the little finger is fixed with a standard patch for a period of two or three weeks. In the case of injury in the area of ​​the first or second phalanx, it becomes necessary to apply a gypsum langette as a sole. To wear it to the patient will have from one to one and a half months.

If, due to the fracture of the little finger, the movement of bone fragments was diagnosed, then changes in their positions are carried out under anesthesia. When an open wound is formed, the doctors perform its specialized treatment, prescribes a course of antibiotics, and obligatory vaccination against such a disease as tetanus is performed.


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