Broken leg


How to develop a leg after a fracture?

After getting an injury, undergoing a course of treatment and taking a cast, the leg often refuses to function normally. Therefore, it is necessary to perform certain activities aimed at its development.

It pursues such goals as:

  • Help to eliminate muscle atrophy, start recovery processes in damaged and altered vessels

  • Help the joints work better and become more mobile

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    Reduce or completely eliminate puffiness

  • Restore the tone and elasticity of the muscles

  • Resume motion

    • Rehabilitation program in Each case is made individually, but it is mandatory Exercise after a leg fracture

      As a simple exercise aimed at restoring the limbs, you can choose the following:

      • Sitting on a chair you should rotate your foot in a circle. Movement should be carried out both in the knee and ankle joint. You can begin to practice after a week after the removal of the cast.

      • The simplest thing you can do is increase the walking time. Hiking will help not only to develop a limb, but also saturate the body with oxygen.

      • Doing mahovyh foot, you need to find a support for this. A back of a chair or a wall will do. You need to repeat at least 10 times.

      • Raising to the toes and then rolling to the heels.

      • . In the supine position, cross legs are raised with raised feet. Too high limbs should not be lifted.

      These exercises need to be performed regularly, and within a month the person will feel a significant improvement. The leg will become obedient, capable of taking even greater loads. Therefore, you can start training in the gym. To twist the pedals of a bicycle, for the beginning it is shown no more than 10 minutes. As you strengthen the muscles, you can increase the duration of training.

      Treatment of a leg fracture

      Treatment measures include several consecutive stages. After the patient is taken to hospital and the doctor makes an accurate diagnosis, you can start therapy. On the extent to which the injury is difficult, the course of further medical action also depends. Perhaps a gypsum will be applied immediately, and it is possible that surgical intervention, with the implantation of metal structures, will be required first.

      Drug therapy is not carried out. The patient receives anesthetics during the main manipulations. Sometimes, calcium is taken to accelerate the adhesion of the bones of the foot.

      Modern methods of therapy are reduced to:

      • Closed bone repositories

      • Carrying out osteosynthesis with minimal cuts

      • Putting gypsum

      restoration of leg function and acceleration of processes of bone consolidation.


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