Treatment of pediculosis with folk remedies



Treatment of pediculosis with folk remedies

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Nowadays we increasingly treat our children from pediculosis with special medications, which we buy at the pharmacy. The treatment takes a lot of time, the child at this time sits at home, because pediculosis – this is ordinary lice, and they are easy to get infected. But in our time, it is possible to cure pediculosis quickly and easily, using folk remedies. It’s much cheaper and more efficient.

Take a few branches of coniferous tree, pour them into a bucket – half of its volume, pour water to the very top of the bucket and boil over low heat for two hours.

At night, you need to wash your hair with soap and soap seventy-two percent and after such washing rinse your hair with cooked broth in a warm form. Then you need to wrap the child’s head with a towel, but do not dry it, and put it to sleep. The next morning the baby will not have lice.

Such treatment can be advised and adults in the treatment of pediculosis. / h Treatment of pediculosis with herbs

Recipe 1. Take 1 glass of pomegranate juice, 2 tablespoons of mint grass, mix and boil for ten minutes. This composition must be rubbed into the skin in pediculosis.

Recipe 2. Here is another wonderful folk method of treatment for pediculosis. Take 2 tablespoons of chamomile (rhizome), 2 tablespoons herb tea, thirty grams of pork fat pre-heated. Everything must be mixed and allowed to stand for twelve hours. Then, while the composition is still in its warm form, strain it. Within five to ten days, rub twice a day into the skin.

Recipe 3. Take ten grams of herb, one glass of boiling water, 5 grams of citric acid. Mix everything and let it brew for six hours, then strain. Healing for ten days.

Recipe 4. Take twenty grams of herb of ivy buds, half a cup of vinegar 6%, mix, and this compound rub daily in the skin twice. Treatment of lice pediculosis

Garlic is a good tool for folk treatment of pediculosis. Take the garlic, chop it with garlic crusher and this composition rub into the scalp several times a day for a week. Such a folk remedy helps cure pediculosis.

The following method will also help: take leaves of wormwood, grind them, mix with Vaseline in the ratio of one to three. In the same way wormwood juice is used for the same purposes.

Another take the cranberry juice and rub it into the skin for about ten days.

Treatment of pediculosis with vinegar

Lice are planted not only in hair, but also in clothes. At a pediculosis of hair wet a hair with vinegar, tie a towel on a head, hold it so within two hours, then wash hair with soap. Then rinse your hair again with vinegar.

In order to remove lice with vinegar, you can use alcohol, apple, wine and any other vinegar. It is important only to monitor its concentration – in the bottle for use should contain no more than 9% of acetic acid proper. This is the maximum possible concentration for food vinegar.

And when lice appear in clothes, you need to boil things in a powder for washing for twenty minutes.


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