Fracture of ankle


Diagnosis and treatment

First aid

First of all you need to provide the injured limb with complete peace, if possible, put the tire, fixing both the foot and the shin. With severe pain, you can give the victim any pain medication, and then take it to a medical facility.


To establish an accurate diagnosis, an X-ray is taken, which is done in two projections, front and side. In addition, CT and MRI can be used.


In order to combine parts of the broken bone, the surgeon directs the fracture site under local anesthesia. After this procedure, a gypsum dressing is applied to the fracture site. If it is not possible to correct the dislocation and keep the joint parts of the bones with gypsum, then an operative intervention is performed.

During the operation, individual fragments of bones formed as a result of the fracture are fastened together by means of special fixation plates and implants. In the future, complete immobilization (immobility) of the limb is necessary for successful splicing of bones and prevention of repeated dislocations. The period of wearing a cast or gingival bandage lasts 1-3 months, depending on the complexity of the fracture. Simultaneously with surgical manipulations, complex rehabilitation is prescribed, which is carried out until complete recovery.

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