Fracture of rib with displacement


Elimination of complications

It happens that hemothorax and pneumothorax begin to progress some time after the patient’s admission. In order to accurately detect the presence or absence of these conditions, additional fluoroscopy is performed. With complicated fractures of the ribs with displacement in parallel with the above types of procedures, additional medical measures are carried out.

A small amount of blood in the pleural cavity dissolves itself. When hemothorax is detected, a pleural cavity puncture is performed (a specialist under local anesthesia removes blood accumulation by means of a special needle). Sometimes it is necessary to make a number of punctures with the re-development of hemothorax.

With pneumothorax, it sometimes suffices to perform a puncture once to remove air. To do this, an incision region is anaesthetized and a drainage tube is inserted. Through it comes the air, and the lungs are straightened. After this procedure, a fluoroscopy is carried out and drainage is pulled out.

Rehabilitation after fracture of the rib with a shift of

p Special therapeutic exercises are especially important for the resumption of natural ventilation after such injuries. On average, the treatment of fracture of the ribs with displacement is carried out within one month. The duration of the fusion in numerous and complicated fractures depends on the severity of the complications and on the overall health of the victim.


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