Fracture of the first rib


It is not recommended to talk to the victim for a long time, as this will cause him great pain. It is also necessary to ensure that the patient is in the “sitting” position during the first aid, before the doctors arrive and during transportation to the medical institution, which will significantly reduce the risk of additional injuries to the internal organs. Fracture of the first rib without complications, most likely, does not require hospitalization.

At the time the first aid is provided to the victim, you should not only apply a bandage, but also apply something cold to the damaged area, you can still give an anesthetic, for example, ibuprofen. Call an ambulance or personally deliver the patient to the emergency room in any case, first, in order to accurately diagnose, and secondly, to make sure that there are no complications and injuries to the internal organs.

Diagnosis and treatment of fracture of the first rib

In modern diagnosis of fracture of the ribs, X-ray, magnetic resonance imaging and computed tomography are used. For a start, a picture is taken using a conventional X-ray, with obvious and simple fractures of the ribs that can be enough. If the X-ray does not allow you to identify or determine the degree and location of the lesion, MRI and CT should be used, which will unmistakably determine the nature of damage not only to the ribs, but also to the blood vessels and soft tissues. [/ P]

In the treatment of the average fractures The first rib pressure bandages are not always superimposed. In some cases, this can cause unwanted additional complications, such as pneumonia and pleurisy. If it is necessary to keep the fracture site immobilized, modern doctors impose an elastic bandage, the main purpose of which is to remind the patient that it is necessary to breathe “belly.”

When you enter the emergency room, after the medical worker ascertained fracture of the rib , carry out a one-time Novocain blockade of the fracture site, the more often the treatment ends in the case of a good physical condition of the victim and the absence of side injuries. Further suitable symptomatic therapy, that is, a treatment aimed at quickly getting rid of unpleasant symptoms. In this case, the measures are aimed at effective analgesia.

Recovery after the fracture of the first rib

One of the main components of successful treatment and early recovery after the fracture of the first rib is peace and avoidance any physical activity. Also, the victim should be in bed in a sitting position, which will speed up the process of joining the bones. Special physiotherapeutic procedures, expectorants, therapeutic breathing exercises are designed to prevent stagnant phenomena in the internal organs of the chest. With such a fracture without complications, the process of treatment and rehabilitation usually takes a total of not more than 30 days.


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