Multiple fractures of ribs


First aid for multiple fracture of the ribs

First you need to call an ambulance. In the meantime, experts get, try to help the victim to facilitate breathing. Sit the person in a more comfortable position for him. Unbutton or remove your clothes. Always watch for the victim’s well-being. If there is an anesthetic drug, you can give it in the dose indicated in the instructions. Only be sure to write down the name of the medicine, dosage and time of reception. This information may be needed by emergency doctors.

If the wound is open, an occlusive (airtight) dressing may be required. To do this, the edges need to be treated with any modern antiseptic, apply a simple sterile napkin, a layer of cotton wool and cover with polyethylene.

Treatment of multiple fracture of the ribs

Dangerous multiple rib fractures in most cases are treated in a hospital. In some particularly difficult situations, the patient must be connected to an artificial respiration device or surgery. Any fracture of the ribs causes severe pain, so doctors resort to a novocaine blockade of the intercostal nerve. This procedure not only anesthetizes and facilitates breathing – while the lung is straightened and cough up mucus. Thus, blockade is a necessary prevention of post-traumatic pneumonia.

This dangerous complication occurs more often in people older than 40 years, and it is especially difficult. Post-traumatic pneumonia arises from the fact that the injured lung does not work in full. This is because the victim experiences painful sensations with deep breathing and tries to breathe superficially.

Another reason for the emergence of post-traumatic pneumonia is self-medication. Many believe that the pain will decrease, and the fractures will heal faster if the ribcage is bandaged. This is mistake. Thus, breathing is limited even more, and dangerous stagnation occurs in the lungs.


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