Fracture of upper and lower jaw


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If the jaw fracture, the displacement of the fragments can be observed in three directions: sagittal, vertical and transversal. They play a decisive role in determining the tactics of treatment and choosing the apparatus that will be used for their correction.

The most commonly used tires are made of wire with a fixation for teeth. Bones are collected by the surgeon manually, the patient at this time can be under both local and general anesthesia. Fixation of fragments can also be carried out with the help of a nylon vein. Further, the jaw is fixed with metal spokes or plates, which are applied from the outside.

When a fixation is made, the patient is recommended to rest, with antimicrobial measures.

Double jaw fracture

Double jaw fracture is characterized by the fact that it The middle part of the jaw is pointing downward.

  • The side parts move inward and upward.

  • This trauma is dangerous because after receiving it a person can die from asphyxiation, which will occur as a result of language slipping. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully monitor its condition.

    Consequences of jaw fracture

    In order to avoid the consequences of a jaw fracture, you should not self-medicate, and as soon as possible apply for medical care. The complications are:

    • Displacement of one dentition

    • The formation of pronounced spaces between the teeth that will be located at the site of the fracture.

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    • Strong displacement of fragments with deformation of the face, due to muscle force

    • Displacement of teeth with the appearance of an abnormal occlusion.

    • Meningitis

    • Osteomelitis

    Treatment jaw fracture

    Treatment of a jaw fracture is the prerogative of a doctor. The quicker it is started, the better for the patient.

    The main activities are as follows:

    • Treatment of an existing wound, disinfection.

    • If there is a displacement of the septum of the nose, then its alignment

    • Comparison of possible fragments, and the combination of whole bones.

    • Reliable fixation of the jaw with a special tire. It must be completely immobilized. The tire is applied for a period of up to 1.5 months, until the jaw bones coalesce. Sometimes doctors through surgical intervention implant in the jaw metal plates. They are fixed with screws.

    • Anti-inflammatory therapy

    When the main course is completed and the tire is removed, . It should be aimed at restoring several vital functions: chewing, swallowing, speech, sight.

    Shinning for jaw fracture

    Shinning is one of the main methods of treating jaw injury. The procedure is the fixation of fragments using a structure consisting of plastic or wire.

    The type of splinting depends on the nature of the injury:

    • It is superimposed on the one hand, when the fracture is unilateral, using wire that fixes the damaged areas.

    • It is superimposed on both sides, while the construction has a more rigid foundation. In addition to her go hooks and rings.

    • When both the upper and lower jaws are broken and there is an offset, then it is advisable to use a double-jaw splint. To fix, use a copper wire, with fastening for teeth and fixing jaws with rings. If a plastic version is used, it should be placed under the chin and fixed with a bandage around the head. But this method is shown in the case when assistance must be provided in a short time to deliver the victim to the department of traumatology.

      When the fracture is complicated and there is a significant displacement of the fragments, then before they can be sealed, it is necessary to compare them.


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