Proper nutrition in case of fracture


What can not be eaten with a fracture?

There are a number of products that are undesirable and even contraindicated to consume at a fracture. They can safely be referred to as:

  • alcohol (does not allow cells to form bone and cartilage tissue, leads to bone destruction);

  • fatty food in large quantities (prevents absorption of calcium, as a result of which it simply passes through the entire body and exits it, without benefiting in any way);

  • coffee and strong tea

  • carbonated drinks

  • chocolate and other sweet foods

  • Correct nutrition mode for fracture

    In case of fracture, the organism experiences additional th load due to the process of healing of bone tissue, therefore it is impossible at this time to eat anyhow. The diet at this time should be special. Consumed liquid should not be less than two liters per day. All daily food should be divided into 5-6 parts, making meals throughout the day fractional.

    It should be remembered that it is better not to eat too high-calorie food, because the process of recovering the fracture usually takes place in bed with little motor activity, which means that fat burning will be extremely slow. The typed excess weight in the course of treatment will subsequently lead to stresses on the legs.

    Usually, recovery of the bone after a fracture experienced by it takes 40-60 days. However, it is rather difficult to name the exact figure. Factors affecting the duration of healing and rehabilitation are: the patient’s state of health at the time of fracture and after it, a kind of fracture itself, as well as proper nutrition or diet. It is a properly designed diet – the fundamental link in the recovery. Often, this issue is given a small amount of attention, focusing more on the prescribed medication and pain medication. However, with proper nutrition, the general condition of the body improves and the process of formation of bone and muscle tissue is accelerated.


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