Fracture of the radius with or without displacement


Treatment of a fracture of a radial bone

Treatment of a fracture of a radial bone, as well as any other fracture consists of the following stages:

  1. First aid, can to be rendered by any person, even without medical education. The task of first aid is to reduce pain, ensure resting of the affected limb, prevent damage to the soft tissues surrounding the fracture site. If the fracture is closed, then it is necessary to fix the limb in a safe position, if a fracture open, it is necessary to stop the bleeding and put a protective bandage on the site of the injury. After that, measures should be taken to transport the patient to a medical facility.

  2. The first medical aid is provided by a doctor or other specialist with a medical background. It is performed directly at the injury site or in the emergency room. The task of assistance, at this stage, is to assess the condition of the victim in order to determine the extent of further treatment and to prevent the development of further complications. To do this, you should evaluate whether the patient has a fracture of the radius, to differentiate it from dislocation and distension. After confirming the fact of the fracture, the patient is immobilized limb, the task of this procedure is to prevent the displacement of fragments of the injured bone. If the patient is in the emergency room, then the decision is made about the need for hospitalization in the hospital or treatment at home.

  3. Qualified medical care is provided by a physician as a traumatologist, the task of this type of assistance is the restoration of anatomical and functional the integrity of the injured limb.

It is necessary not only to properly fuse the bone, but also to ensure the mobility of all fingers and hands, and preserve their sensitivity. This goal can be achieved in three ways:


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