How to cure scoliosis with exercise?


h2 Exercises for scoliosis for children

Complex one:

  1. They get up on all fours, hands are divorced in the sides, rest against a small eminence. These can be special platforms for step-aerobics, or custom stacks of books. From this position, a bench press is performed. When lifting the body make an exhale, when the body is lowered down, inhale. You need to look forward. Perform 10 push-ups. Complete the exercise by stretching the muscles. For this, the hands are led behind the back and make a “lock” from the palms. Then perform 2 more approaches for 10 times with a break for rest in 20-30 seconds.

  2. Exercise for stretching the back muscles “Cobra”. You need to bend the body in the lower back so that your hands rest on the floor, and your legs are slightly raised on your toes. From this position on exhalation the pelvis is lowered downwards, caving in a loin. The breasts are pushed forward, the scapula is reduced. On inhalation they return to their original position. Perform the exercise 10 times. He is completed by stretching his muscles, winding his hands behind his back in the “lock”. The total number of approaches is 2 to 10 times each.

  3. The next exercise is performed on the simulator. The legs are set forward on the width of the shoulders, resting against the hard base, with the hands holding two handrails parallel to each other. During exhalation, the pelvis is taken back, holding hands by the handrails, maximally stretching the spine. In this case, the legs remain straight. On inhalation they return to their original position. The body is raised with the power of the hands.

  4. You need to hang on the horizontal bar, holding the crossbar with a narrow grip. Slightly bending arms in the elbows, raise the body upwards so that the shoulder blades are brought together. Repeat the exercise 5 times, then take a break.

  5. Exercise on the machine. Hands hold on to the handrails, placing elbows on the supports. In this position, on exhalation, the legs are lifted upwards, and they are lowered by inhalation. Repeat exercise 10 times. For the 10th time, the legs are held up for 2-3 seconds, after which they take a break. The number of approaches is 2 or 3, depending on the degree of human training.

The complex of the second:

  1. With a flat back perform a squat, make a jump from the squat with arms outstretched, then again squat and press from the floor. Again, rise in the squat, from the squat jump upward with the stretching of the arms over the head and then following the described scheme. This exercise allows you to work out not only the muscles of the back, but also the whole trunk as a whole. Repeat it 10 times, then take a break. Number of approaches 2-3.

  2. Pulling on the horizontal bar. Perform pull-ups with a wide grip, chin on the crossbar. The number of repetitions depends on the degree of human training. At the last pull-up, it is necessary to lock over the crossbar and slowly sink down. The number of repetitions is no less than 3.

  3. Exercise on the simulator with lifting the load. It is necessary to kneel, holding the handles to which the load is attached. On exhalation they lift the load, taking the shoulder blades together. The number of repetitions is 3-5 times, the number of approaches is 2-3 times.

  4. The next exercise is performed on the same simulator, but now the cargo is reduced by half, since only one will work arm. The starting position is similar, but the load by the handle on the exhalation is lifted first with the left hand (5 times), then with the right hand (5 times). It is important not to drop the load down sharply, it is lowered smoothly. The number of approaches is 3. As you train, the number of repetitions and the number of approaches increases.

  5. Exercise on a horizontal bar. Hands make a narrow grip. Hanging on a horizontal bar, both legs lift up, touching the crossbar. Deflection should be carried out in the lumbar region. The number of repetitions is 4-5. Then they take a break. Number of approaches 3-4.


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