Treatment of scoliosis – 3 effective ways


Treatment of scoliosis with folk remedies

Physical deformity of vertebrae can not be cured by applying herbs and other methods of traditional medicine. In this case, only symptomatic treatment is possible – removal of nervous tension, relief of pain. Prophylaxis of scoliosis

Scoliosis at early stages is perfectly amenable to correction, especially if such a diagnosis is made for children. To prevent complications and further development of the disease, it is enough to teach how to maintain proper posture while walking, lying, sitting, standing.

The optimal posture of the body in all positions will become a pledge of prevention of scoliosis and comfort for the spine.

Modern man spends a lot of time at the table, in a sitting position. Therefore, it is important to master the development of the correct posture when sitting in the first place. Vertebrologists and orthopedists claim that from the point of view of human physiology it is most correct to sit with a straight back while preserving natural bends of the spine.

Location of other parts of the body in a sitting position:

  • The buttocks are located as close as possible to the back of the hard seat with a straight surface;

  • The belly is selected;

  • The shoulders are straightened slightly omitted and relaxed;

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  • The loin is pressed to the back of the chair; The head is in a natural position, it does not need to be tilted forward;

  • The stops are on the floor, not dangling in the air.

. Even with the optimal posture on a comfortable chair, to relieve the static load from the muscles backs need to periodically get up and walk around the room.

Sleep hygiene requirements:

  • The mattress on the bed should slightly spring under the body of the lying person, it can not be either soft, and hard;

  • . For the support of 3-4 cervical vertebra, a pillow-roller is selected, the parameters of which allow to maintain the direct position of the spine, fill the cavity between the scapula (“on the right or left side, legs slightly bent.”)

Sleep on the back or on the abdomen accelerates the wear of the vertebrae, provokes scoliosis due to the strain of the dorsal muscles.

Posture requirements for standing:

  • Shoulders in the horizontal position;

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  • Shoulder pins are pressed to the back;

  • Physiological bends of the spine are not too pronounced;

  • Belly moderately bulging

  • Symmetry of the right and left halves of the trunk is preserved

In order to cure scoliosis, you need to choose the appropriate technique, follow it regularly and be sure of recovery under the guidance of a doctor.


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