Fractures of the tibia


First aid for fractures of the tibia

First aid for the injured person is anesthesia. To do this, a person must give any painkiller, then you should immobilize your leg. As a means of primary immobilization (immobilization) can be used any wooden beams, slats, sticks. The main thing is that they have the necessary length and strength.

When a suitable material is found, you need to adjust it to the size of the foot so that the beginning of the tire is taken from the middle of the thigh, and ends in the heel area. The leg must be fixed in the knee and ankle joint, bandages or other improvised means are used for the winding. After the leg is securely fixed, you should go along with the victim to the doctor, for the provision of qualified medical care.

Diagnosis of tibia fractures

To clarify the diagnosis, the doctor will conduct a survey on how, when and by what method the injury was received. This will provide an opportunity to assess the strength of the attack, its nature and direction. Such a survey will make a preliminary diagnosis.

. To clarify the nature and degree of complexity of the fracture, it will be necessary to make X-rays in two projections. After receiving the full picture, you can proceed to the treatment of fracture.

Treatment of a fracture of the tibia

The tactics of treatment will depend on the nature of the fracture. If there is no displacement of the fragments, then the process will not be too complicated. The doctor will limit himself to imposing a plaster bandage, which will begin from the tips of the toes and end near the knee joint. Sometimes, as necessary, the gypsum can be extended.

If the displacement of both bones of the shin is observed, then their reposition is required. In the most difficult cases, the doctor can insert the bone inside the needle, while fixing the fragments in the correct position with the help of special metal structures.

The timing of the healing of the tibia depends on a number of factors: the nature of the injury, the qualified and timely first aid, the age of the victim, the compliance with medical recommendations for treatment, etc. Most often, 2 to 3 months. The callus appears after 6 weeks. When the fracture with displacement occurred and both knee bones were affected, then the recovery process could take up to an average of six months or more.


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