Subatrophic pharyngitis


Subatrophic pharyngitis

Symptoms of subatrophic pharyngitis are reduced to the following manifestations:

  • Sore throat and dryness are felt. Patients complain of a lump in the throat.

  • The feeling of a foreign body in the throat causes a person to clear his throat and clear it.

  • The cough is dry, has a persistent nature. Such a cough is easily differentiated from a cough with tracheobronchitis.

  • Dense viscous mucus constantly accumulates on the back wall of the throat. It is very difficult for a patient to get rid of it, as it often forms crusts.

  • The surface of the throat is pale, dry. This causes the patient to constantly take a sip of water.

  • Possible visualization of swollen tubofaringeal rollers, the presence of foci of hyperplastic lymphoid tissue. As the disease progresses, there is an ever-increasing thinning of the mucosa , increased soreness and discomfort in the throat.

  • The presence of bad breath from the patient’s mouth is possible.

  • Because of the constant discomfort in the throat, the patient is disturbed by sleep, irritability and nervousness increase.

  • Body temperature, as a rule, remains within the limits of the norm, the general state of health is not violated. Treatment of subatrophic pharyngitis

    Treatment of subatrophic pharyngitis should be based on what exactly caused the disease. It is necessary to eliminate all chronic infections of the respiratory organs, carefully sanitize the nasal cavity, paranasal sinuses, normalize the breathing of the nose if it has been disturbed. If necessary, conservative or surgical treatment of tonsillitis should be performed.

    It is important to stop smoking, eliminate harmful industrial and domestic factors that contribute to the maintenance of inflammation of the mucous membrane of the throat. A prerequisite is to follow a diet with the exception of food, which has an irritating effect on the sore throat. This applies to sharp, salty, acidic, hot dishes.

    If the general state of a person is not severely disturbed, it is sufficient to manage symptomatic treatment of inflammation. To do this, make hot foot baths, conduct regular gargling, inhalation using a nebulizer. As for conservative therapy, local antibacterial and antiseptic agents should be used. It is important that the drugs not only disinfect the sore throat, but also have an emollient, anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic effect.

    For the local treatment, the following drugs can be used:

    • Dosage Aerosol Hexoral, Hexaspray, Ingalipt, Yoks, IRS 19, Kampomene, Proposol, Stopangin, Tantum Verde. As a solution for rinsing and irrigation of the throat: Vokadin, Miramistin, Rotokan, Octenisept, Povidone-iodine, Furacilin, Evkalimin, etc.

    • Tablets for resorption Anti-angina, Hexaliz, Imudon, Sebidine, Septogal, Pharyngosept, etc.

    • Pill for resorption Drill, Angidin, Sepptelet.

    Patients with subatrophic pharyngitis need to be cautious with drugs containing sulfonamide, propolis and iodine. These substances have an irritating effect on the mucous membrane of the throat and are able to overdry it, which will not relieve the disease, but only exacerbate its course.

    Do not exclude physiotherapy treatment. Well proven methods such as: ultrasound, microwave therapy, phonophoresis of the throat, UV-irradiation.

    . As for the use of systemic antibacterial drugs, they are prescribed only if a pathogenic flora is found in a smear from the throat according to the results of a bacteriological study.

    The patient with the detected subatrophic pharyngitis should be examined for the pathology of the digestive tract, as the relationship between these diseases is proved. Often, get rid of chronic pharyngitis is impossible until the disease of the stomach or intestines has been eliminated.

    As a rule, the prognosis for recovery of patients with subatrophic pharyngitis is favorable provided that the etiological factor that led to the development of inflammation is identified and eliminated.


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