Mobile application recognizes the language of babies


Mobile application recognizes the language of babies
Newborns who do not know how to speak, report any discomfort with the help of crying. Crying can mean a lot of things – hunger, fatigue, the need to change a diaper. On how well parents understand the baby, the peace of the whole family depends.

In order to facilitate the communication of adults with a crying baby, Californian scientists created a special mobile application Chatterbaby. Initially, it was intended for hard of hearing parents and simply helped them to pay attention to the sounds that their child was publishing.

However, the authors managed to improve the application and make it more universal. Now Chatterbaby is able to recognize the different types of crying and determine whether it is caused by hunger, pain or is associated with a lack of attention.

The algorithm used in the application was taught on the basis of more than 2000 records with the sounds of children’s crying . After that, the application was able to correctly determine the cause of crying in 90% of cases. It turned out that crying caused by pain or hunger is significantly different from the sounds that the child publishes, demanding attention.

The application was able to learn by adapting to the crying of each particular child – for this parents should record several audio clips with sounds , which the child publishes by specifying which situation provoked crying. The developers of the application note that in the future they will be able to use Chatterbaby to diagnose neurodegenerative and other disorders, for example, autism. / p

Now the application of free available for iOS and Android users and developers are invited parents to use it, thus making a contribution to the completion of the database with the sounds of children crying.


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