Interventions in the delivery process have consequences for the health of the child


A group of scientists from Australia, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom conducted a first-of-its-kind extensive study of how children actually interfere with the natural process of childbirth. It turned out that both stimulation and cesarean section, which in some countries can be done at the choice of a woman, have long-term consequences for the child. This is confirmed by conclusions from other scientific works, according to which natural childbirth is most useful for the child’s health without any medical or surgical intervention. / /

During the work, specialists observed almost half a million women who gave birth to their children (more half – first-born) in 2000-2008. All women in labor were low-risk, they were 20-35 years old (an average of 29), the delivery occurred on the date of 37-41 weeks. 88% of women had analgesia, 43% were stimulated, 38% gave birth without any intervention, 11% preferred a cesarean section, 7% had an emergency cesarean section after stimulation. For the health of babies that emerged, they were observed until they reached the age of 5.

In children whose mothers’ mothers were stimulated and then had to intervene to help, there were often problems with feeding and jaundice. Those who were born by means of cesarean section often had hypothermia after birth, and those for whom this surgery was urgent often suffered from metabolic disorders. In general, among those children whose birth process was interfered with, there was a higher probability of developing eczema, respiratory diseases and metabolic disorders. However, this does not mean that it is necessary at all costs to refrain from such interventions – in Russia, unlike some other countries, cesarean section is usually done according to the indications, and the consequences for the health of the child can be more serious if it is abandoned. Nevertheless, all interventions in the delivery process should occur only on medical grounds, experts say.


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