In the emergence of the syndrome of chronic fatigue, hormones can be to blame


In the emergence of the syndrome of chronic fatigue, hormones can be to blame

It is proved that chronic fatigue syndrome is a disease requiring treatment. The exact cause of its occurrence remains unknown, but it is clear that it develops under the influence of many factors.

Patients suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome complain of constant fatigue, fatigue, poor sleep, increased anxiety and other problems . Due to the fact that the symptoms of the disease are not specific, doctors can not immediately diagnose the disease. About 2.6% of the world population suffer from this disease. It is assumed that the number of patients can be much larger.

Researchers from the Netherlands conducted a study, the results of which can shed light on the possible mechanism of the disease. The authors led by Begonya Ruiz-Núñez found a link between the syndrome of chronic fatigue (also known as myalgic encephalomyelitis) and the decreased level of thyroid hormone production.

The authors conducted a study in which participation of 99 healthy people and 98 people with chronic fatigue syndrome. The researchers studied the level of thyroid hormones and the concentration of markers of inflammation in the blood.

It turned out that in patients with chronic fatigue syndrome the concentration of T3 and T4 was much lower than normal, however, the TSH concentration was normal – usually this the ratio of hormone concentrations is observed with hypothyroidism. The authors suggest that the development of the syndrome of chronic fatigue can be triggered by a low activity of the thyroid hormones. The concentration of inflammatory factors was low, which indicates a low level of inflammation in the body.


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