Nanofibre dressings can quickly heal wounds


Nanofibre dressings can quickly heal wounds

Harvard University has developed new wound dressings that significantly accelerate the healing process. Such bandages are made from nanofiber, and there are two different kinds, but in essence both of these species do the same thing – with their application the healing passes and the tissues regenerate more quickly. The main component of dressings, except nanofiber – protein, and it is the protein that helps restore. The need for such dressings was considered by the senior author of scientific work, professor of bioengineering and applied physics Kit Parker (Kit Parker), who served in Afghanistan and was repeatedly injured there. At the heart of the idea of ​​how to implement the healing coating for wounds, embryonic tissue studies were put in.

As early as the late 1970s, scientists discovered that if the embryo for some reason had a wound up to the third trimester pregnancy, it overgrew quickly, and scar tissue in its place did not form. For a long time, experts have tried to model the skin of an embryo, in which, as it turned out later, the level of the fibronectin protein, which helps to “couple” the cells among themselves, is much larger. Fibronectin exists in two forms, one of which is mainly in the blood, and the second in the tissues. Previous studies have focused on the first form of fibronectin, since its tissue variety is complex for synthesizing. Harvard employees did it – they used special equipment that first placed fibronectin of the first type in liquid polymers, and then dissolved it with a centrifuge, then the polymers solidified into fibers less than a micrometer thick. From such fibers it was already possible to create a bandage for the wound.

Compared with conventional bandages, fibronectin was much more effective. The usual therapy helped to heal 55.6% of the wound in 20 days, and the protein one – 84%. In addition, the new bandages restored the normal structure of the skin, and even hair follicles appeared on it, which usually does not occur.


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