A tool for male contraception will appear in pharmacies already in this decade


A tool for male contraception will appear in pharmacies already in this decade

Scientists have been trying to create a tool for male contraception for years. In some cases, the matter does not go beyond research on cells, while in others attempts are made to test the effectiveness of new agents on patients. However, in the pharmaceutical market so far this drug has not appeared. This is, however, the researchers believe, only a matter of time.

Australian scientists have conducted another study and say that they managed to create an effective drug for male contraception, which really prevents an unwanted pregnancy, and also has no remote side effects.

Researchers from Monash University (Monash University) drew attention to two proteins necessary for moving the sperm. In experiments in mice, they showed that the absence of α1A-adrenoreceptor and P2X1-purinoreceptor causes almost complete sterility of males, but does not affect erection or sexual desire in any way.

Sabatura Ventura (Sab Ventura), one from the leaders of the study, explains that the next stage is the creation of a combined nonhormonal drug for men. The drug will block the movement of spermatozoa, without affecting the development and maturation of male sex cells. The effectiveness of the new drug is comparable and even superior to another promising agent for male contraception – the hormonal gel Vasalgel, which showed a 96% effect. $

A serious disadvantage of hormonal drugs is that they can reduce libido, and in addition are able to irreversibly affect fertility. This is why it is necessary to create non-hormonal drugs.

Now drugs are already present on the pharmaceutical market that block the work of α1A-adrenergic receptor. They are intended for patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia. The next step is to create a complex drug that also affects the P2X1 purine receptor.


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