Bill Gates spoke about the main problems in the field of health


Bill and Melinda Gates published the first of the annual reports of their fund, in which they told what problems the world healthcare had been successfully coping with recently, and which have yet to be solved. Among the achievements of billionaires called the reduction in the incidence of HIV and child mortality, and as a task for the next 10 years, the solution to the problem of infectious and chronic diseases. Bill Gates gave examples of diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease, as well as other neurological pathologies, and noted that the number of patients with these diseases is increasing. Experts estimated that it could triple by 2050. The public figure also added that in developing countries it is important to deal with such diseases as malaria, diarrhea, pneumonia and tuberculosis, as they suffer and die from them. “

Billionaires indicated what is necessary to help third world countries cope with difficulties, and that many states in eastern Africa and central America can rely only on outside help – for example, on funds such as the joint organization of the Gates family. In developed countries, the entrepreneur said, attention should be paid to research into the development of new effective drugs – for example, from cancer or cardiovascular diseases. He stressed that in recent years, in the US, scientists have made some progress in developing new diagnostic methods, and this gives people hope.


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