The use of fish protects against multiple sclerosis


The use of fish protects against multiple sclerosis

American researchers have found another bonus associated with regular consumption of fish. They showed that those who eat fish at least once a week, or take it 1-3 times a month and every day drink vitamins with fish oil, the risk of developing multiple sclerosis is reduced by 45% compared with those in whose diet Annette Langer-Gould explains that she and her colleagues have already managed to show that regular consumption of fish reduces the likelihood of developing cardiovascular diseases – now they are showed that this product is able to protect against multiple sclerosis.

In the conducted am More than 1,100 people, whose average age was 36 years old, participated in the study. Approximately half of them had multiple sclerosis diagnosed or a clinically isolated syndrome was found – an early manifestation of the symptoms of the disease, if found, doctors can not predict the form of the disease and its further progression. There are cases when after a patient feels tired and has problems with movement, his condition is normalized, and such symptoms no longer occur in life. In other patients, the disease progresses and multiple sclerosis develops.

Researchers also found that there are more than 10 gene variations whose products are involved in the regulation of the metabolism of fatty acids. The presence of two of them in the genome is associated with a low risk of developing multiple sclerosis and the use of fish for this probability does not affect.

Scientists believe that omega-3 fatty acids in fish have a neuroprotective and anti-inflammatory effect, and therefore reduce the likelihood of disease development . However, the authors do not yet know whether there really is such a cause-and-effect relationship.


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