How do Russians treat telemedicine?


How do Russians treat telemedicine?

The vast majority of Russians would like to receive the results of their analyzes, as well as other medical papers, including hospital sheets, electronically. This was told by the director of the Institute of Economics of Health of the Higher School of Economics Larisa Popovich, citing data from a study conducted by specialists from the Higher School of Economics and MTS. The survey showed that many residents of the country would prefer to transfer part of the interaction with medical organizations and the digital channel: for example, 96.8% would prefer to receive electronic prescriptions, 97.5% – analyzes, 93.2% – reminders of what needs to be done inoculation or an appointment with a doctor.

More than 80% of potential patients reported that it would be convenient for them to communicate with their attending physician on a remote basis, and also receive a third-party opinion on their medical situation from another doctor. In this case, the primary consultation according to the law on telemedicine will still be full-time – first the person will be examined by the doctor personally, and only then, if possible, advise using electronic means of communication. Abroad and primary consultations can also be performed remotely, especially if the patient lives in a remote area. In Russia, this format was supported by almost 40% of patients, but still this law will be banned. Three doctors out of four are ready to advise remotely chronic patients, and almost half of the specialists stated that consultations without communication with the patient are possible, only with the use of his medical data provided they are complete. Almost 90% of patients said that it would be convenient for them if the doctor controlled their condition with the help of special gadgets.

The main advantage of telemedicine is its accessibility – 88% of patients and 78% of doctors noted that medical treatment in this way will be received easier. However, to the format “any free doctor will answer”, the Russians are not yet ready, many would prefer that they be advised by experts from officially represented clinics on the market.


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