Leonardo, Virkhov and Botkin: domestic doctors will be trained on Russian simulators


Leonardo, Virkhov and Botkin: domestic doctors will be trained on Russian simulators

After the implementation of the system of accreditation and continuous medical education in the country, simulation centers were opened in medical universities. For two years, they have already opened 97. It is on the basis of these centers that medical professionals will sharpen their skills and conduct accreditation. “/ P $

GEOTAR-Media Company presented its developments in the field of simulation training at the conference” ROSMEDOBR 2017. Innovative educational technologies in medicine. “

Leonardo’s hybrid dental simulator

Leonardo is the first hybrid simulator in Russia and in the world. It combines the technology of virtual reality and a platform for practicing practical skills. It is important that this is a fully domestic development, not only the device was created in Russia, but software was also developed.

The device would be created in February 2017 by the design bureau GEOTAR, after which it was approved at the Department of Propaedeutics of Dental Diseases at the Russian University of Peoples’ Friendship (Moscow).

The company GEOTAR-Media presented a new simulator in Cologne at the international dental exhibition IDS 2017, and in Russia the domestic development was presented at the VIII All-Russian Conference “Ned A medical education – 2017 “in Sechenovskiy University. It is expected that at the end of 2017, Leonardo will start shipping to simulation centers at higher education institutions.

The simulator has several advantages over the equipment that is currently used. This is 100% similarity with the doctor’s workplace: the simulator uses real dental instruments and precise dental models. In addition, the device is as compact and user-friendly as possible. It is equipped with a computer monitor, on which, with the help of special technology, you can accurately monitor the movements of instruments in the hands of the student. In analogues this is provided by bulky optical devices, their design does not allow the student to work in the most realistic conditions.

This is the first Russian-made dental hybrid simulator that can replace imported analogues in the Russian market and close the need for training equipment in

Medical consultants who participated in its creation, developed the product in accordance with the needs of Russian education, so the simulator is most suitable for I have training, assessment and accreditation in the specialty of “dentistry”.


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