In quarrels with a partner may be to blame nedosyp


In quarrels with a partner may be to blame nedosyp

If your partner annoys you, and you no longer want to ask how things are going with him, and disputes and conflicts have become a constant part of your days – wait to break off the relationship. First try to sleep. Studies have long associated a lack of sleep with an increased risk of developing various diseases – from obesity to diabetes and cancer, and now scientists have found that a good sleep is vital for a comfortable relationship between people.

At Ohio State University University) the researchers talked with 43 couples. Partners told us how much they sleep at night and how often they quarrel. It was expected that those who did not get seven hours of sleep during the night (and it is recommended to sleep seven to nine hours), often swore with each other, their disputes were more hostile and negative. If at least one partner fell asleep – scandals took on a more constructive nature and ended in conciliation more often.

Lack of people makes people unattractive

Experts invited participants to the lab and shot them on the video while they were arguing about their problems – for example, communication or finance. At this time, scientists measured the level of biomarkers of inflammation in their blood. In itself, lack of sleep did not affect inflammation, but the stress of controversy led to an increase in the concentration of these biomarkers. Researchers noted that lack of sleep affects those parts of the brain that are involved in solving problems, and first of all, when lack of sleep, a sense of humor suffers, as well as sincerity and the ability to actively listen. Without these qualities, it is difficult to conduct constructive conversation, and in the absence of this constructiveness, the level of stress increases during a quarrel. This has a negative impact on human health.


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