Prevention of viral hepatitis


Different in symptomatology, but equally dangerous in the severity and irreversibility of the consequences of infection, which constitute a whole group of diseases caused by hepatitis and damaging the liver, are known to mankind as “jaundice”.

Even the most seasoned organism and the strongest immune system are almost powerless in front of these viruses. The fight against the “clan” of hepatitis is real, and the maximum effect it gives in the form of prevention.

Hepatitis is just the case when the trivial truth: “It’s easier to warn than to cure” proves its historical validity, because viral hepatitis is a treacherous nature, and some of them endanger life. Therefore, preventive measures are always appropriate and always effective, because it is through prevention that 60 people out of 100 manage to avoid infection.

Acute and chronic forms of diseases

With an adequate response of the immune system to the appearance in the body of a foreign micro-body (virus), the program of destruction of an aggressive pathogen, which allows to cope with the disease independently, is “included”. Certainly, some medications, bed rest and a special diet are needed.

Subject to compliance with medical recommendations, the disease recedes in a couple of weeks, leaving behind damaged liver cells and the need for dietary nutrition of the patient. This is the so-called mild form – acute hepatitis. Basically, it happens to be caused by a pathogen of group A and does not cause much damage to the body.

But there are also more dangerous hepatitises that can erase not only liver health, but also endanger human life. Such a hepatitis group B and C.

If at the time of infection the immunity was weakened and not ready to repel virus attacks, then the probability of the disease transition into a severe chronic form is not ruled out.

Prevention of hepatitis A

Among the most common and dangerous “diseases of unwashed hands”, the hepatitis A holds the championship with certainty. In the first place, children of preschool and primary school age who, due to their expressiveness and impatience use unwashed fruit or rush to grab a sandwich with dirty hands, or do not say goodbye to the habit of pulling your fingers, toys, pencils into your mouth.

Such carelessness leads to infection with hepatitis and can endanger the health of the whole family, as this virus is transmitted by fecal-oral by way of. This type of transmission can cause an epidemic, as happened in the Czech Republic in 2008.

Main pathways of infection:

  • contact with an infected person, use of common hygiene items;

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  • upon contact with contaminated water

  • consumption of virus-containing food


  • the first three days after the incubation period – a rise in temperature to 40 0;

  • in parallel with the appearance of a cough, runny nose and tear – uncharacteristic for colds, photophobia;

  • is sick and loss of appetite;

  • headache.

It should be emphasized that the symptoms depend on age, ill: children never show a complete clinical picture, the color of their skin remains normal throughout the period of the disease. Yellowing of the skin is observed only in adults. If the yellowness began to appear more and more noticeable, know that the disease has gone to a non-dangerous stage. Often, yellowing of the skin accompanies a decrease in temperature and the disappearance of pain.

Preventive measures:

  • avoid water from unfamiliar sources, do not swim in ponds of dubious purity. This also applies to too “densely populated” beaches during the summer heat, as well as ponds into which sewage water flows,

  • must observe the basic hygienic standards and wash hands after each visit to the toilet, after coming from the street and before meals;

  • maintain the cleanliness of the premises;

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    personal hygiene items must have one owner, share they can not be eaten with others;

  • must be washed and washed very carefully before use in clean running water,

  • to oem case not to use uncompensated litter as fertilizer.


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